The Begging, Part II

Nearly a year and a half ago I put a question up to the blog. Remove or beg I asked, referring to the fact that I was pressing up against my space allotment on my Amazon Drive, and couldn’t afford the upgrade. Overwhelmingly you all responded with your willingness to toss in a few bucks to help me pay for additional space.

At the time I was still about 500 gigs away from hitting my allotment, but I had wanted to figure out a solution before I got there. It took me about six months to reach my limit and need to use your money to upgrade. I’m currently about 400 gigs away from the next need for an upgrade – I’ve uploaded 2.62 TBs of shows, the current limit is 3.0 TB. It will probably be another six months before I hit that limit. However, in January I will hit my annual renewal date and thus will need to pay Amazon once again.

The cost of the 3TB plan is $179.97 per year. When I reach that limit the upgrade to the 4TB plan is $239.96. Rather than begging again in six months for the 4TB upgrade I’m going to set my goal at $239.96. In January I’ll purchase the 3TB plan but when it comes time to upgrade I should have that additional money in my account to use to pay for it.

All of this is dependent on your willingness to pitch in again. I’m not asking the question this time, assuming you all are willing to send me a few bucks in support. That may have changed. If so then I’ll figure something else out. But if you are willing to send me $1 or $5 I would greatly appreciate it. Last time you hit my goal in a matter of hours. As soon as I hit it (assuming I do) then I’ll shut it down. This site has never been about money. I don’t run ads, or any other money making schemes. I just love this music and want to share. If you are willing to help out just a little bit then the link to do so is below.

Link removed, goal met.

Thank you so much to everyone who comes to this blog, who leaves comments, and who has shared such wonderful music with me over the years.

16 thoughts on “The Begging, Part II

    1. Thank you, Matt, I discovered the world of bootlegs and a lot of great live music; I was happy to make my little contribution.

  1. ‘Part II’ where was part 1?
    Anyway, thanks to all the benefactors, supporters and contributors
    I’ll try to send you some more goodies to help fill up all those lovely TBs soon
    Been a bit preoccupied (goin’ dizzy in fact) sorting out all those Neil posts. Hope you got ’em ok. I’m almost there myself, just a few to go.
    I actually have a few Crystal Cats from the start of the euro tour which immediately followed those warm up (longest in history surely) club dates tour. Might dig those out for you. Usual Cry Cat qual, should be well received by at least some of the cafe regulars

    1. You must have missed part I. It was awhile back. I’d probably send money back if you donated Dave. You have been so generous with your many thoughtful comments, your heads up about other great shows in other places and of course your many contributions of music.

      I got all the Neil stuff you sent me in that text file. Haven’t hard time to really look at it at all. I’ll try to sort it sometime…soon? Maybe.

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