Please Stop Sending Me Money

Friends, your generosity is overwhelming.  I reached my goal in just over an hour this morning.  As soon as I did I removed the link on the blog.  What I didn’t think about though was the fact that many of you receive my posts in your e-mail which would still have an active link to my Pay Pal account.  As of right now I have received $469.77!  As moved as I am by this gift I do not need any more.  This will more than pay for my annual Amazon account and any upgrades I will need.  I will use the extra to pay for my WordPress account and my Flick account (they recently started making free accounts become pro accounts when more than 1,000 photos have been uploaded). There will still be some remaining and I will keep that in my PayPal account until it is needed again.  I promise to only use the funds you have generously donated for this blog and the spreading of the music.

If anyone wishes to have their donations refunded please let me know.


Thank you again.

9 thoughts on “Please Stop Sending Me Money

  1. Just got off a flight and checked my favourite site. Realize I missed Part II. So pleased to see the community support. Look forward to supporting again when Part III comes around. Thanks for everything Matt.

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