Happy Holidays!


Apologies for my absence around here of late. I picked up a nasty virus and have been down and out for most of this week. I was planning on taking next week off to enjoy some family time around Christmas so now it looks like a two week “vacation”.

Anyways, I hope all of you have the best and happiest of holidays no matter what you celebrate or how you celebrate them. Thank you for making The Midnight Cafe such a fun place to hang out. Here’s to an even bigger and more musical 2019!

44 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

    1. I got a bug too. Ummm. Best medicine is good music. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year’s to all associated with the cafe. Users and abusers alike!!!!

  1. Merry Christmas Mat and Family..
    I have been absent for about 6 weeks, due to absolute computer hell.. leave it at that.
    Do my music dl’s on iMac not iPad, etc.. so have a ton of work to catch up.
    Thank You for everything through the year .. especially the Bob!
    Sorry I missed your help drive.

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Mat! Thank you so much for all of your time and work and for feeding my Uncle Bob addiction.

  3. Mat – I hope you start feeling better and happy holidays. Regarding your question the other day, I started listening today to the lossless version of 6-15-90 you posted. Once I have finished the show I will probably just put the lossless version in my cloud account and leave the 320 version in my iTunes. The improvement in sound quality doesn’t justify the 5GB+ size for me (I converted it to Apple Lossless and it’s 5.01GB). I do appreciate having it, but it takes up too much space and I personally don’t hear enough of a sound quality bump to justify it. Especially when I have so many other great shows that only take up 1GB or less! Thanks again for all the work you do here. I look forward to the coming year!

  4. Thanks for all the hard work you put in making this the best music blog around. No gifts I get this year will bring me as much joy as the music I get from Midnight Café! Best to you and yours for the holidays.

  5. get well, & thank you – not only is the music wonderful – the surprise of seeing what’s posted every day is fun in its own right! thank you for bringing such joy & surprise to the world, brother.

  6. Mat Thank you for all the music you have shared with us the past year. All the best to you and yours for the holiday season and 2019. Thanks again.

  7. Thanks for your devotion to music. Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery and a joyous Christmas and New Year’s to you and your family

  8. Hope you feel better Mat and thanks for everything you made available to us this year. Have a Cool Yule and an even better 2019!

  9. You blog rocks! Thanks for everything you shared this year, and sorry you’re ending the year on a sick note. Here’s to better health soon, and a very musical 2019!

  10. Mat, thanks to you we’ve all got enough music to carry us through the holidaze. Thanks for all you do for us and I hope you get healthy soon!

  11. Matt,
    thank you for the post. I am new on your site,and really have not been participating. I have been a highly active member on DimeAdozen,org I really like your site, and look forward to finding a niche where I could be an active member.

    Feel better

    Mike S,
    New Jersey USA

  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!
    I’ve gotten more boots from here than I could ever begin to count! Thank you for your continued efforts to get this music out there. Amazing work!!!

  13. I love this website!!! Thanks for doing what you do!!! Could we please start of 2019 with a big block of the Allman Brothers Band? 🙂 Happy New Year and get well soon!!!

  14. Matt,
    I know first-hand what it takes to run a site like this. I too would love some Allman Bros. I have not figured out how to look at your site,in a list format. Its’ difficult for me to see what you could use more of, and what you already have. Feel better..
    Mike S>

    1. In the sidebar there is a little drop down menu which lists out all the categories I’ve ever posted on this site. There is a lot of nonsense on their as I used to run a pop culture site, but keep scrolling and you’ll get to the music, find an artist and it will show you everything I’ve posted by them.

      You’ve hit upon one of the biggest flaws in the blog format. Blogs are all about what’s new, they show you the newest posts and bury the old ones. I’ve tried to do a few things like the side bar scroll and tags to help people find things. The search engine works pretty well too for anything specific.

      I’ve often thought about creating a static main page that would list out all the artists I’ve posted which would then link to an artist page listing out all of the shows I have in chronological order from them. But that’s a big project and I’m full up on big projects so maybe some other time I’ll get to that.

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