Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – Brighton, England (08/06/94)


Van Morrison Brighton
6 Aug 1994
with John Lee Hooker and RICHARD GERE
Traded CD-R>EAC>FLAC (level 8)

Download: MP3@320

Disc 1

1. Love The Life I Live (GF)
2. Symphony Sid (GF)
3. Did Ye Get Healed?
4. It’s All In The Game
5. I Believe To My Soul
6. Whenever God Shines His Light (BK)
7. Sweet Thing (BK)
8. Raincheck
9. Hungry For Your Love
10. See Me Through/Soldier of Fortune/Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin
11. Ain’t That Loving You Baby?
12. Jackie Wilson Said (JLH)
13. Stormy Monday (JLH)

Disc 2

1. Help Me
2. Tupelo Honey (BK)
3. Moondance>
4. Fever>My Funny Valentine
5. I’ll Take Care Of You>It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World
6. Lonely Avenue (RG)>Be Bop a Lula>You Give Me Nothing But The Blues

Disc 3

1. In The Garden>You Send Me
2. And The Healing Has Begun (BK)
3. Vanlose Stairway>Trans-Euro Train
4. Northern Muse (Solid Ground)>When Heart Is Open
5. So Quiet In Here>That’s Where It’s At
6. Have I Told You Lately (BK)
7. Shakin’ All Over>Gloria>
8. Walking The Dog (GF)>
9. Baby Please Don’t Go

Ronnie Johnson – guitar
Teena Lyle – vibes
Haji Ahkba – trumpet
Kate St. John – backing vocals
Matt Holland – trumpet
Leo Green – saxophone
Nicky Scott – bass
Geoff Dunn – drums
Georgie Fame – keyboards, vocals
Brian Kennedy – vocals
Guests: Richard Gere, John Lee Hooker

From the uploader:
Yes – I kid you not – Richard Gere joins Van on stage for this show in Brighton UK. I don’t know if this happened anywhere else…or what RG was doing in Brighton…maybe someone can enlighten us.

My sister, who still lives in Brighton, was at this show and told me soon after about the appearance of RG…it was her impression that having performed a song he then stayed on stage longer than he was supposed to. Just before “And the healing has begun” he seems to insist on making a speech – when he finally introduces the song the band are in so quick you have the impression they may be getting a tad annoyed. Anyway, judge for yourself.

This is a good audience recording of Van with a great band and the focus (in these comments) on RG should not detract from the talent on show – John Lee Hooker, Brian Kennedy, Georgie Fame et al.

One thought on “Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – Brighton, England (08/06/94)

  1. Apologies for not posting as much of late. My buddy Christian is a Van fanatic and he recently sent me a private torrent full of every show he’s got. Its over 600 gigs worth! Some of it I already have but there is a lot that’s new to me. Its a big torrent and so its slow going getting it all downloaded, but it also pushes me towards my download limit from my ISP. Because of this I haven’t been uploading as much for the blog. So be patient my friends. It will be slow for a few weeks but then we will have a Van bounty!

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