Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – Reno, NV (09/27/98)


Van Morrison
Reno Hilton Ampitheater
Reno, NV

Download: MP3@224

01. Rough God Goes Riding (5:03)
02. Cleaning Windows (4:42)
03. Fire In The Belly (5:45)
04. Jackie Wilson Said (3:35)
05. Whenever God Shines His Light (3:22)
06. In The Afternoon (7:27)
07. Moondance/My Funny Valentine (7:30)
08. Satisfied/Organ Grinder Jam (4:51)
09. Send In The Clowns (3:59)
10. Tupelo Honey/Crazy Love (7:37)
11. Vanlose Stairway (4:47)
12. Summertime In England (8:33)
13. Cypress Avenue (8:44)

tt: 75:54
517 Mb

MASTER RECORDING: Sony MDZ-R35->CSB->Sony JE510->Tascam CD-RW700

The recording is EXCELLENT, VERY upfront and balanced A/A+

Every Van fan should have this show. This is a GREAT show. Van and Bob (and Lucinda on a few of these shows)
did a fall tour in 1998. I saw 3 of them (only taped 2). This was the final show of this mini tour. Van was in a GREAT mood,
in his enthusiastic mode (which isn’t always the case). The crowd was hooping and hollering along. The setlist is GREAT,
with a very rarely played ending twosome of Summertime in Enland along with Cypress Ave.

This was one of the first recording I made with this equipment, and there are a couple of mic pops during the recording
(just a few). Also, I inexplicably decided to fit this on 1 74 minute disc (there were no 80 minute discs then).
So…I removed Whenever God Shines His Light from the original recording and put it on another disc, so later I replaced it,
but there is a fade-out and start up between Track 4 and Track 5. Also there was a disc flip between Track 11 and 12,
so Track 12 starts abruptly, but no music is missed.

All Van fans should take a listen to this, especially with the relative mediocrity (Keep mediocrity at bay, indeed) of his shows
from the last 4-5 years, and t he newbies to Van should take a listen to this relatively neglected period of time.
Van’s voice is HUGE on this one. Hope you like it. I only have the front art I made back in the day…can’t find the rear.
I’ll put up the Dylan recording of this show later.

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