A Little Van Morrison Help

Part of those WAV files included this Van Morrison show with the Chieftains. The WAV files notes it is from a show in Cork, Ireland from 09/13/88. That show isn’t listed at all on Etree, but the Vanomatic site does list it. However I can’t get the song titles that I have match up with that listing. It doesn’t help that I’m not overly familiar with the Chieftain’s songs nor that the quality of this boot is not so great which impedes my ability to actually hear the words.

Anyone have any idea about this show? Can you confirm the 9/13 date? Sound quality fluxuates so I’m wondering if it isn’t a cobbled together compilation. Any help is appreciated, and if you know all the song titles let me know that too. Thanks.

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  1. I have a show “songs sof innocense”, Ulster-Belfast. 9-15-1988 with chieftains.
    Tore down, in the garden, rave on john dunne, did ye get healed, star of county down, she moved thru the fair, ta mo chleamhnas deanta, I’ll’ tell me ma, carrick Fergus, marie’s wedding, celtic ray, boffyflow, goodnight irene, moondance.
    I have a show 9-10-1988 dublin.

  2. Oh boy, quallity is really poor, dictaphone under armpit mode! Worse is the idiotic file naming system, tracks are not sitting in order. Probably is one full gig as stated, includes Chieftains only 1st set. Seems to definitely be from the later Irish tour leg as the setlist for 1st Van set changes dramatically, with all the great trax from Poetic Champions removed and replaced with an (equally great) ‘mystic’ period greatest hits. Probably best to assume correct date (setlist is pretty constant anyway), attempt to rename Van trax to match artwork from link above , see where we are at!

    ps Songs of innocence is soundtrack from Ulster TV broadcast, as such I’m pretty sure it all comes from the Ulster gig. later same year re-broadcast in UK on channel 4. I’m sure i’ve sent you my RAW WAV transfer of my own late night VHS rec of it
    There’s also an Irish TV (RTE) studio TV special from same year (with Van singin’ and playin’ the drums). Sure I sent you my master of also
    MACK – Can we get the Dublin show (regardless of qual) please? any host will do (i’d recommend zippyshare with it’s new 500mb limit for all free transfers, as fast as ‘we transfer’ , links live for 3 months and less setup hassle!). Just d/l the ‘zippyuploader’ (no install) win app from home page when setting up free a/c

  3. Further thoughts – looking at daft file naming structure, reminds me of ripping software 15-20 years ago. Suggest this was ripped from a traded CDR many moons ago, using the stupid default naming defaults.

    tips for sorting – this was certainly 2 CDRs, track numbers would appear to be the very last digit in filename, chieftains tracks will be disc 1 trax 1-7 . Most boots from this era don’t attempt to identify or name these trax
    Scrub (most) of that
    (1)_unknown_0 to (1)_unknown_6 – Chieftains set (7 trax)

    (1)_unknown_7 to (2)_unknown_6 – first Van set

    (1)_unknown_7 – Celtic Excavation
    (1)_unknown_8 – Help Me
    (2)_unknown_0 – Vanlose Stairway
    (2)_unknown_1 – She Gives Me Religion
    (2)_unknown_2 – It’s All in The Game
    (2)_unknown_3 – In The Garden
    (2)_unknown_4 – Summertime In England
    (2)_unknown_5 – Rave On John Donne/Did Ye Get Healed
    (2)_unknown_6 – Northern Muse (Solid Ground)

    (3)_unknown_0 – beginning of Van Chieftains set – Star of the County Down
    (3)_unknown_1 – She Moved Though The Fair (seems to be corrupt, silent, wrong length)
    (3)_unknown_2 – Ta Mo Chleamhnas Deanta
    (3)_unknown_3 – Raglan Road
    (3)_unknown_4 – I’ll Tell Me Ma
    (3)_unknown_5 – Carrickfergus
    (3)_unknown_6 – Celtic Ray
    (3)_unknown_7 – My Lagan Love
    (3)_unknown_8 – Marie’s Wedding
    (3)_unknown_9 – CROWD
    (3)_unknown_10 – Irish Heartbeat
    (3)_unknown_11 – Boffyflow and Spike
    (3)_unknown_12 – MORE CROWD
    (3)_unknown_13 – Goodnight Irene (cut)

    (4)_unknown_0 – EVEN MORE CROWD (presumably from same alt source)

    (4)_unknown_1 – Goodnight Irene (alt source, same perf)
    (4)_unknown_2 – Moondance (presumably from same alt source)

    ps the sound’s growing on me (a little) – ears must be getting calibrated back to amateur 80s AUD recs – used to be perfectly normal business for me

  4. ps track ‘(3)_unknown_1’ might be repairable if we can pass it in and out of Soundforge (or similar) re-export it as a WAV file (i.e. with a new file header (META DATA))

    Anybody got editing software up and running to have a go? Need to re-install my Soundforge, too busy torrenting/dl’ing etc at moment

  5. pps re ‘corrupt’ track – I did the import/export thing – file played fine in foobar, but the original file also played ok?? Media Player classic wouldn’t play either of ’em!!?? normally plays everything. Converted the ‘repaired’ wav to flac using flac.exe (within foobar) it then played fine in media player classic!!??

    Long and short – if you experience difficulties let me know and i’ll up ’em

  6. I think someone tried to put the entire concert together from two sources. It does get better after you listen for a while and the music is certainly worth it!

  7. The Chieftains-set:
    01 Millenium Celtic Suite
    02 Introduction of Band
    03 Galicia
    04 Ellen Brown
    05 The Iron Man
    06 Full Of Joy
    07 Drowsy Maggie

    Cross-checked with the Helsinki 9 Oct 1988 set, only difference: Ellen Brown was played in place of Black Eyed Gypsies.

  8. Nice work, incidentally that problem with track ‘(3)_unknown_1’ may be a storm in a teacup. I updated media player classic to the latest 64 bit and it played fine.
    Anyhow offer still stands if it doesn’t cooperate in the world of Mac

  9. Thanks for the contribution MACK – can’t get enough of this tour
    1. The Chieftains are simply superb musicians, love their early albums in particular
    2. Van is on fire – the Van Band sets are so focused and intense, fab stuff
    3. Van and the Chieftains are a match made up above!

    These sets are among the most elusive and least traded of all Van’s tours. They did trade extensively among the hard core until the early mid 90s, then they seemed to disappear without trace, never really transferring onto the DIME, blog and board culture of the 2000s.
    Obviously plenty mastered onto CDR at some point as you can see on the ex Belfastcowboy site mentioned by BRUCE above.
    We should make it our mission to track ’em all down methinks!

  10. Alright so comparing notes this is what I’m getting

    Van Morrison & The Chieftains
    Cork, Ireland

    Disk One

    The Chieftains

    01 Millenium Celtic Suite
    02 Introduction of Band
    03 Galicia
    04 Ellen Brown
    05 The Iron Man
    06 Full Of Joy
    07 Drowsy Maggie

    Van Morrison

    08 Celtic Excavation
09Help Me

    Disk 2

    01 Vanlose Stairway
02 She Gives Me Religion
03 It’s All in The Game

    04 In The Garden
05 Summertime In England
06 Rave On John Donne/Did Ye Get Healed
07 Northern Muse (Solid Ground)

    Disk 3

    Van Morrison with the Chieftains

    01 Star of the County Down

    02 She Moved Though The Fair
03 Ta Mo Chleamhnas Deanta
04 Raglan Road

    05 I’ll Tell Me Ma
06 Carrickfergus

    07 Celtic Ray
08 My Lagan Love
09 Marie’s Wedding
10 Crowd Noise

    11 Irish Heartbeat
12 Boffyflow and Spike
13 Crowd Noise
14 Goodnight Irene (cut)

    Disk 4
    Alt Tracks from possible second source
    01 Crowd Noise
    02 Goodnight Irene 

    03 Moondance

    Does this seem right? I know its not really a four disk set, but I went with the pre-existing labeling system as I didn’t care to take the time to figure out how they would split into two disks. I don’t burn anything to disk anymore myself. If you do you’ll have to work it out yourself, sorry.

    If this looks good to everyone then I’ll upload it properly. Thanks for the help.

  11. Looks about right
    sorry Mat, I almost renamed and re-uploaded, was still pondering same q as you. i.e.
    001 to 007 for Chieftains
    101 to 109 for Van set
    201 to 213 for Van Chieftains set
    to approx to artwork. Trouble is really you would have to omit the crowd noise trax and replace the G iRENE w the compl version (or make a patched composite)to match, creating an extras folder for the other stuff
    couldn’t decide so left it. I t really needs an edit/remaster/polish up. Don’t have good enough tools for that right now

    1. Well maybe someone will grab it from me and clean it up. Here’s hoping anyway. The sound grew on me too, but boy it could use some work. Funny how when I first started listening to shows I cold only handle Soundboards and now I can hear really static filled, taped in a bag stuff and think its not so bad.

  12. here’s hoping. I’ve never had an issue or disregarded things purely on s qual terms as I discovered Charley Patton, Ma Rainey et al at a young age. Imagine a world without Blind Lemon Jefferson or some of the other early ‘field’ recordings. In those days it was pot luck, depending on which label grabbed you. Bessie Smith and Robert Johnson got lucky and their stuff (cleaned up) sounds shiny and new. Some of the others like Ma Rainey (and all Paramount artists) got recorded on ‘acoustic’ capture equipment and then got pressed onto recycled shellac (mixed with grit) for the non-white local markets. In many cases we only have one surviving 78 to transfer from, and that could have been played on machines where the needles (expensive) were often replaced with nails!
    Does this make them lesser artists, or their recordings less precious? I’ve never thought so. I take the same philosophy with AUD recs. It is what it is, and until someone invents a time machine we’ll have to love ’em as they are!

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