The Decemberists – Washington, D.C. (10/28/03)

The Decemberists
October 28, 2003
Black Cat – The Back Room
Washington, DC, USA

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive


1. (Soundcheck / Intro)
2. Leslie Ann Levine
3. The Bachelor and the Bride
4. The Gymnast, High above the Ground
5. The Engine Driver
6. The Soldiering Life
7. Up the Junction [Squeeze]
8. Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect
9. Odalisque
10. Grace Cathedral Hill
11. Los Angeles, I’m Yours
12. The Chimbley Sweep


13. Red Right Ankle
14. I Was Meant for the Stage

Taper: Joe Gallagher (Slurpee)
Equipment: Dynamic Audio Binaurals->Dynamic Audio Battery Box->Sharp SR60 (MD)
Location: 10 ft from right hanging stack
Transfer: Sony S38->Zoltrix Nightengale->CD Wave->MKWact
Editing: None.
Length: 71:36

Uploaded to LMA on August 7, 2007. Better late than never.

Recording is Complete.
Songs in ( ) I didn’t know the correct title for, so feel free to add them if you do.

contact ghostlygerbils////@gma////

Thanks to pzane for the great mics.

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