Reposts of the Day: May 23, 2021

I haven’t done one of these in a long while, so I should probably explain them again. Way back in the days of old I used a wide variety of file hosting companies to store my music. Periodically those companies would delete my files. When that happened I’d inevitably get someone asking me to reupload that show. I would do that by creating a new post and calling it a repost (or “Repost Bonanza” if you remember those days.) Sometimes that file would get deleted from the hoster and I’d have to do another repost. And then another. Some shows had over half a dozen reposts.

That got confusing. Especially if you wanted to read the various comments a particular show received. When I brought the blog back after having to take it down I decided to get rid of all the reposts. So, I’ve been copy/pasting the comments on all the reposts and putting them into the original post.

When I took the blog down I made every single post private and then I made the entire blog private. This means when I started inviting people to come into my private blog they still didn’t have access to any post that I had made private. Consider it two layers of protection.

As you can imagine going through more than ten years of reposts is a long, exhausting task. At the same time I’ve been going through the original posts and cleaning them up – just minor editing and adding tags, etc. As I do this I’ve been making those old, private posts, public again.

Since those posts are often many years old when I make them public again I add a link to them in a new posts entitled Reposts of the Day. That way everyone can see what has been made new again. I will also link to old posts that had already been made public whenever I add in a new source.

Bob Dylan – In the Footsteps of Planet Waves
Bob Dylan – Solid Road (1961-1965)
Van Morrison – San Francisco, CA (10/09/70) – Source 4 is new.
Van Morrison – Cotati, CA (05/14/71)
Van Morrison – Santa Monica, CA (04/27/72) – The Source without any source info is new.

One thought on “Reposts of the Day: May 23, 2021

  1. hi Matt I downloaded a bunch of your shows to get rid of some of my bootleg cd collection. If you like I can provide you some shows maybe you don’t have in return for your kindness. Here’s my contact (contact info removed to avoid spam). Thank you

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