Grateful Dead – Acid Test Supplementary (xx/xx/66)

Grateful Dead
Disc Five: Supplementary CD#1 [74:04]
The Watts Acid Test February 12, 1966
Youth Opportunities Center, Compton, CA

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I’m not sure what this is a supplementary of, so I don’t know if I have the rest of it. – Mat

  1. Who Cares Rap (Pigpen, Weir, etc.) [6:08}

The Pico Acid Test March 12, 1966 (EXPANDED VERSION)
Danish Center, Los Angeles, CA

  1. Viola Lee Blues [11:54]
  2. One Kind Favor [4:19]
  3. I Know You Rider [2:41]
  4. You See A Broken Heart [3:18]
  5. It’s A Sin [4:47]
  6. Beat It On Down The Line [4:06]
  7. Heads Up [6:17]
  8. Next Time You See Me [5:04]
  9. unknown blues instrumental[8:15] – might be Death Don¥t also (Tony Middleton)???
  10. Death Don’t Have No Mercy [6:03]
  11. Midnight Hour [11:06]
    The 8th song, previously notated as “unknown instrumental” on Deadlists, is a cover of Freddy King’s “Heads Up.” The 9th tune, previously listed as “The Same Thing (instrumental),” is definitely NOT that song. Although it is a
    standard blues and sounds similar at the beginning, closer listening makes it pretty obvious that it is an entirely different song, title unknown. The Viola Lee Blues on this expanded version is a different version than on the
    previous three song version of Pico Acid Test. This is an ongoing mystery, although it should be said that both versions are worth having.

Disc Six: [41:56]
Supplementary CD#2 – San Francisco State Acid Test (alternate version)
“Whatever It Is” Festival October 2, 1966
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
Stereo Control Room Master (rec. 4:00AM – 6:00AM)
Source(s) unknown, this has different lineage, and some different edits to the “intact” version. Specifically some contemorary (Tomorrow show ’81?) interviews are spliced in, and the sound collages towards the end are presented in a different sequence.

  1. Jerry Garcia intro 0:20
  2. A Mexican Story: 25 Bennies 3:41
  3. Get It Off The Ground Rap 9:32
  4. It’s Good To Be God Rap 2:40
  5. Nirvana Army Rap 0:52
  6. The Butcher Is Back 3:14
  7. Acid Test Graduation Announcement 1:29
  8. Send Me To The Moon 1:22
  9. Jerry Garcia interview 0:40
  10. Sound Collage 3:43
  11. Ken Kesey Interview 0:22
  12. Sound Collage #2 9:58
  13. Jerry Garcia Interview 0:19
  14. Music / Sound Collage #1 2:14
  15. Ken Kesey Interview 0:15
  16. Sound Collage 1:15

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