Grateful Dead – Beautiful Jams, Vols. 1 &2

Grateful Dead
Beautiful jams

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01 Weather Report prelude (Winterland 11-9-73)
02 Dark Star (Winterland 11-11-73)
03 Here Comes Sunshine (two parts, Pauley Pavilion 11-17-73)
04 jam after Let It Grow (Berlin 10-20-90)
05 It’s a Sin (Louisville 6-18-74)
06 Dark Star reprise (Capitol Theater 2-18-71)
07 jam after Saint (MSG 9-8-91)
08 jam into China Cat (Providence 6-26-74)
09 Spanish jam (Fresno 7-19-74)
10 Stella Blue (Colgate U 11-4-77)
11 jam between China Cat and Rider (Winterland 11-11-73)
12 Comes a Time (Richmond 11-1-85)
13 Crazy Fingers (Columbus, OH 9-30-76)
14 Dark Star (London 4-8-72)

Grateful Dead
Beautiful Jams Too

When I compiled the first disk of “Beautiful Jams,” which was nothing more than a lark, it never occurred to me that anybody more than a few online friends might enjoy it. But it seems to have been distributed rather widely, so as I have been listening to new and old favorites, I’ve kept an ear open for similarly beautiful moments, and it looks like I’ve got enough cream to try a second time.

Given the number of files I selected and then deleted, and the cuts I made all over the ones that made it, I’m doubtful there will be a third. So here’s hoping the sophomore effort is interesting as well.

NOTE: When burning, you will need to set the gap between tracks to zero, or the disk will exceed 80 minutes.

  1. Jam before Ship of Fools [6/23/74]
  2. Dark Star [2/26/73]
  3. Triad (with David Crosby — David and the Dorks) [12/15/70]
  4. Comes a Time [5/9/77]
  5. Here Comes Sunshine [4/2/73]
  6. Dark Star [10/12/68]
  7. He’s Gone [6/25/91]
  8. China Doll [5/19/77]
  9. Playing in the Band [12/2/73, two parts]
  10. The Wheel [12/5/81]
  11. Comes a Time [12/27/90]
  12. Weather Report Prelude [3/26/73]
  13. jam at the end of space [3/27/88]
  14. Dark Star [9/21/72]
  15. Stella Blue [7/18/76]

“There is much beauty here, because everywhere there is much beauty.” –Rilke

Seeded by Peter Braverman [], September 2005.

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