The Amazon Drive Project

The Amazon Drive Project is complete! I have now gone through and posted every file on the drive. I will once again give you all the link to the entirety of my Amazon Drive and you are welcome to browse through it and download anything you want. I know that most of you subscribe to the blog so that you get an e-mail whenever I post something but let me recommend that you spend some time on the actual site. All of my artist pages are up to date so you can click on an artist and see, in chronological order, every show that I have posted from them. I’ve also made use of categories and tags so that you can click on a city or venue, year or many other tags and see all the shows I’ve posted from that category. I’ve tried to title and label everything so you can easily use the search function. I think it is a pretty cool site so if you haven’t been to it in a while I’d love to see people using more of these functions to find what you are looking for.

I have many more projects I’ll be working on, but most of them will be invisible to you. The main thing is that I will start uploading and posting new shows. Thanks for being with me while I sorted through the Amazon Drive. I know those of you who had already gone through those files probably found the last few months rather boring as I wasn’t uploading new stuff. I appreciate it and now you can expect many more “new” shows.

30 thoughts on “The Amazon Drive Project

  1. Please accept the thanks and gratitude of myself, and all of our music loving friends for all you have done for these years. Your kindness has made fine music available to us all, My best wishes to you and yours, James

  2. Thank you. Such a great resource. If you ever want to expand your range, then I have a couple of bands where I have a fair few bootlegs/shows I could donate.

  3. One word:
    AMAZING !!!!!

    Thank you for this uber-generous sharing of great music. As one of your frequent commenters and DL’ers, you know I truly enjoy this site!!

  4. It’s been a long road. Thank you for your time and commitment. I’ve been with you from the Cafe’s early days and I’m looking forward to your future efforts.

  5. Wow, thank you, amazing site and what a gift to humankind. Your making the world a better place one show at a time – and so many great shows too. We’re living in paradise, many thanks!

  6. Just want to throw in my thanks as well. Always look forward to visiting and seeing the latest posts. Your hard work is much appreciated.

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