Discord and Things

Does anybody know anything about Discord? I was thinking about running a server over there instead of trying to deal with the blog. Truth is I’m kind of burned out on running The Midnight Cafe, but I’m still looking for other ways to share the music.

From what I can tell we could set up a chat room on Discord and then anybody who wanted to could share their music. It would be a big move away from the organization of the blog, but it might be fun. My idea would be I would periodically share shows and I’d try to find others to do the same. Plus we could all chat about music and whatever we wanted.

Might be a pain to moderate though. Anyway, it is just an idea I’m toying with and was curious if any of you have worked with it.

Amazon is shutting their doors in December of next year. My subscription runs out in April. It seems foolish to renew my subscription only to have them delete everything a few months later. It also seems dumb to buy space on some other service until my Amazon Drive dies. This basically means I’m going to be dormant at least until April, possibly even longer.

29 thoughts on “Discord and Things

  1. Mat,

    I don’t know about Discord, but what little I’ve seen makes me think it’s got a lot of “extra noise” that wouldn’t interest me – a lot of wormholes to go down. In other words, it’s obviously not about music mostly – I think it’s about gaming originally, which isn’t my thing.

    If you decide you’re mostly interested in music conversations with a little sharing of music, here’s the best blog I’ve found for that – Burning Wood:


    It’s the only music blog I know of that manages to have interesting conversational topics a couple of times a week – while also sharing some music, but in small doses. It’s mostly about conversations.

    It’s the only site I know of like that. Could be an interesting angle to pursue, unless Discord sounds like the best idea and other Midnight Cafe fans are interested in that too.

    • I’ve run this blog for well over a decade. I spent the last couple of years working hard to clean things up and make it organized. With Amazon going away I basically have to start back at zero. All that work is more or less thrown out.

      The thought of having to reupload all my old shows and then add new links to all the old posts is not appealing to me at all. At the same time ignoring the old stuff while adding in all new shows leaves me feeling really annoyed. So I’m looking to alternatives. Discord is one of them.

      I do think a lot of gamers use Discord, but so do a lot of other people. I can create my own server over there so you wouldn’t be seeing any other stuff. My idea would be to set up a chat room or two where anybody and everybody could share links. Yes we could also chat about stuff, but the main goal would be to share links to shows with each other.

      So instead of everybody coming here to view the music that only I share, it would be more of a communal space where anybody could share links. Does that make sense?

  2. Matt: You’ve done a great service for all of live music lovers. It would be great if you can find an alternative means of making the music available but you deserve a break. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with Discord.

  3. Got it – thank you! I can for sure understand the desire not to redo the hard work you’ve done for sure – I wouldn’t suggest that, given the problems with long-term storage.

    And you’re right – others of us sharing files there could be an interesting way to go, to complement any shares you do. And, just musical conversation would be fun.

    My thought about a regular blog (like Burning Wood, as one example) was that it could do the same thing and feel like a more natural portal for those who haven’t used Discord. No need to re-up past shows. Just conversation and the occasional show post if someone wants to. And we could all share a link to files (in comments) that we want to share.

    But any way you go, I’m joining in the chorus of all to say we appreciate so much all you have done. I’m sure a good path forward will emerge, from your ideas and maybe suggestions here.

    • Discord is just one option I’m looking into. A few friends mentioned it to me so I thought I’d mess around with it. From what I can see it should be fairly simple for folks to get into it and be able to see any download links being posted.

      Way back in the day The Midnight Cafe was an all around pop culture site. I used to write about movies and music and books and all kinds of stuff, but then slowly the bootlegs completely took over. I actually still do write movie reviews for a friend of mine’s site. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about going back to my roots and letting this blog become more eclectic. I like the idea of doing more writing. So I might turn this into something else and let the bootlegs be shared elsewhere.

      All of this is just me thinking bout stuff. I really have no idea what I’m actually going to do.

  4. Hey Matt you have been so kind to share great music with us over these many years. Most of us have figured out alternate ways to find music files. I originally perused your site for Van Morrison concerts and I’ve enjoyed many of the ones that I found here hank you. I know you have a family so if you need to scale it back or leave it behind then do it. If you decide to do Discord i’ll follow you there.

  5. Agree with all sentiments posted. Matt your hard work is so tremendously appreciated. However, you have to put yourself and family first and find the easiest outlet to continue sharing (or not). As someone who enjoys, but doesn’t out in the work, I don’t get to have a say. I’ll follow your path as you deem fit. Thanks for everything!

  6. Will be onboard with whatever you do, Mat. Since you’re probably going dormant for the next several months, I recommend a monthly reminder so folks who aren’t as attentive will have plenty of notice to snag what they want to snag before the files (possibly) go away. Other than that, I think you should do what feels like the right thing for you.

  7. I can help run the discord, I have done it multiple times, people would need to put their music on another service and share link being cannot put that much data on discord

  8. Cbox Live Chat – look at this chat service which can run on your site – Embed directly into your site – https://www5.cbox.ws. That way you keep the blog running while also running the chat where people can talk and share. I have seen this on several blogs… works great. I have seen people use wetranfer (free) .. https://wetransfer.com/ … has free uploads with links that expire after a week or so … anyways … just a thought… good luck and thank you for all your hard work and dedication …

    • Now that is an interesting idea. I think WordPress also has some kind of forum option which I had thought about ages ago, but have yet to really look into.

      Can you send me the url of any sites you know of that use Cbox Live? I’d like to see how well it intigrates into the site.

      • Look at this one: https://oldrockerbr.blogspot.com/
        It works only with two chat boxes. In one (the big one) people share links, in the small at the right side only for request an cponversations. And it works…..
        I don’t wont to leave without thank for all you have and still have for all of us.

  9. Curses. WordPress doesn’t seem to allow me to embed that chatbox unless I upgrade to their pro account. That costs more money then I’m willing to spend so we’re back for looking at other alternatives.

  10. Hi Mat. I’ve used Discord. It’s an okay option but I think some kind of forum would be better. Discord can be a little messy. Google drive would probably be a great option to keep the archive alive. I’ll be happy to follow wherever this leads and I appreciate all the time and work you put into this. I really hope you can find a way to keep the archive available. If I think of more options I’ll pass it along to you. All the best.

    • Thanks. I like the idea of a chatbox, but I can’t figure out how to embed it into WordPress. The jbfa site uses Blogger so apparently, it works there. But the little research I did indicates that to use something like that in WordPress means you have to upgrade to a higher level account and the cost of that is more than I want to pay.

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