Bob Dylan’s 2022 Tour of Europe

Bob Dylan is currently embarking on a tour of England. The recordings are coming in pretty quickly. I’m not quite ready to collect and upload my own links for these shows, but I thought it would be fun to post other people’s links here as I find them. I’ll try to continue posting them as the tour moves on.

09-25 – Oslo, Norway – Expecting Rain
09-27 – Stockholm, Sweden – A recording has not surfaced as far as I can tell
09-29 – Gothenburg, Sweden – SPOT Recording on Expecting Rain
09-30 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Expecting Rain
10-02 – Flensburg, Germany – Expecting Rain
10-03 – Magdeburg, Germany
10-05 – Berlin, Germany – Expecting Rain, Bennyboy Remaster
10-06 – Berlin, Germany – Expecting Rain, Bennyboy Remaster
10-07 – Berlin, Germany – Expecting Rain, Partial Recording, Full Recording
10-09 – Krefeld, Germanyu – Bennyboy Remaster
10-11 – Paris, France – Bennyboy Remaster or Spot Recording
10-12 – Paris, France – Expecting Rain, Spot Recording
10-13 – Paris, France – Irenehilda recording – Bennyboy remaster or Spot Recording
10-15 – Brussels, Belgium –
10-16 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Bennyboy Remaster or Bach recording
10-17 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Expecting Rain
10-19 – London, England – Bennyboy
10-20 – London, England – Expecting Rain, Bennyboy Recordings, or ERB recording
10-23 – London, England – Expecting Rain, ERB Recording or the Bennyboy Remaster
10-24 – London, England – Mary Lynch Recording or an ERB Recording or Bennyboy Recording
10-26 – Cardiff, Wales –
10-27 – Hull, England –
10-28 – Nottingham, England – Bennyboy remaster
10-30 Glasgow, Scotland –
10-31 Glasgow, Scotland –
11-02 – Manchester, England –
11-04 – Oxford, England
11-05 – Bournemouth, England
11-07 – Dublin, Ireland – Hurley Recording remastered by Bennyboy

12 thoughts on “Bob Dylan’s 2022 Tour of Europe

  1. Thanks for this! Bob Dylan is my favorite artist ever, so it’s a real pleasure to wake up each day and think to myself “Hey – Dylan is playing somewhere in the world tonight.” 🙂

    Here is a direct link to an excellent site with the Flensburg show:

    And another link for Copenhagen (for anyone not wanting to register for Expecting Rain – although they 100% should!

  2. Hey! Thanks for doing this.

    Dylan is my favorite artist, so it’s a real joy for me every day I get up and realize he is playing a concert somewhere in the world that day. 🙂

    Here are a couple to add:


    And another way to get the Oslo show for those not wanting to join Expecting Rain (although any Dylan fan def should!!)

  3. Hey Mat,

    Since you are posting links to recent Dylan shows, any chance you would have a link to the show he did in Grand Junction (7/1) which I attended? Or a link to the last show of the spring tour in Denver (7/6) which I read was as good as any show from that tour? Much appreciated if you can find either of these.


  4. Bob Dylan 2022-07-01 Grand Junction, Colorado – Amphitheater at Las Colonias Park [soomlos][schoeps mk4v]
    Bob Dylan 2022-07-03 Dillon, Colorado – Dillon Amphitheater [soomlos][schoeps mk4v]
    Bob Dylan 2022-07-05 DENVER, COLORADO (24-bit) (FLAC)
    Bob Dylan 2022-07-06 DENVER, COLORADO (24-bit) (FLAC)

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