Some Updates

I really will post music again, someday. My general plan is to wait until my Amazon Drive finally dies to start posting new shows. I’m still pondering what that will look like. I really love the idea of creating mix-tapes and compilations, but I’m doubtful I’ll ever really make the time to do them. Most likely what I’ll do is collect all the shows from a tour, or some other category and periodically just do a batch. I really am done posting individual shows every day. But I can see myself posting a link to a group of shows once a week or maybe twice a month. Something like that.

I’m leaning pretty heavily toward using Google Drive. It is relatively cheap and easy to use. I’ve had good luck as a downloader from a few friends who share shows that way. And I use it regularly for my work so I think it will work nicely for my purposes. I did want to do a little trial with a show. Click here to a link for two copies of Bob Dylan recently performing in Denver.

I did not zip the files, but I still think you can download them easily. You should be able to right-click on the main folder and download everything. Or you can click on the folder and download just one of the sources. Or you can go inside each source and download individual files if you like. You can click on the text files to read them right from Google. I believe you can even click on the FLAC files and play them inside Google to get an idea of sound quality.

Please let me know what you think of Google Drive and what works (or doesn’t) work for you Again, I won’t be regularly posting anything until April, but I wanted to see how Google was working for everybody.

One of the projects I’m working on while waiting for April to come is better organizing my files. I believe I’ve mentioned before that I have an old hard drive that is on its last legs. Almost all of the shows on that drive are also on my Amazon Drive so I diligently downloaded them to a newer drive. I have now organized all the files I downloaded in that manner.

Next up is about 400 Bob Dylan shows that have not been properly listed and organized. Then I’ve got another 1,500 sources/shows from artists like Pink Floyd, TheWho, Queen, and the like that I got in a trade ages ago but that I’ve never properly organized. Then I want to go through all my hard drives systematically, double-check that everything is on my master list and then do things like put all of the shows from each artist into one folder (right now many artists have shows on multiple hard drives.) I’m hoping I can do all of that before April comes. So far I’m moving relatively quickly through it so I do think that is an obtainable goal.

I am still having lots of fun talking about movies so I don’t think that will ever change. Long before I did only bootlegs on this blog I used it for all sorts of things. Blogs used to be personal spaces where people would share photos and stories and random thoughts. That was before Facebook and social media took over everything. I kind of miss doing that so I may turn The Midnight Cafe into Mat’s random musings on music, movies, and life. Or maybe I won’t.

14 thoughts on “Some Updates

  1. Hi Mat. Google drive is a nice option. If that works for you it works for me. Will you still be making the shows on the Amazon drive available elsewhere?

    • Maybe, eventually. The shows on my Amazon Drive will not be a priority for me to upload elsewhere. I do urge you to take some time to go through the blog or the drive and download anything and everything you want before April. When the Amazon Drive dies I will not be going back and reuploading everything.

      That being said after the drive dies if you find an old post with a deal link and you make a request for me to reupload one or two shows, I will most likely accommodate you. I just have no desire to reupload everything in bulk.

  2. Mat–the Google Drive download was easy. Thank you. I appreciate all your thoughtful efforts on sharing this trove of concerts. Best wishes!

  3. Hey Mat, Thumbs up for Google Drive. Easy to use & quick downloads.
    I have been a Cafe regular for many years so whatever you want to serve
    up I’m sure it will be tasty! Thanks for all you do.

  4. Hi Mat. I would prefer you to have separate blogs for live music and movies. I’m onboard for the music but have no interest in wading through reams of stuff about horror movies! Just my 2c, thanks!

  5. I appreciate the feedback. You are the first person to lodge a complaint about the movie stuff. Which is weird since I can’t imagine that all of my followers, after being with me for years of music posts, love me writing about movies all of a sudden.

    I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with the music stuff. As I’ve mentioned I do want to continue posting music, but I don’t want to do the daily posts like I used to. I’ll probably do a music post 3-4 times a month. I’m thinking I’d like to do big posts with all the shows from a tour or something similar.

    In the meantime I’m really enjoying the movie writing. But I appreciate not everyone wants to read that stuff. I don’t think I want to do two separate blogs, but I might be able to create a new “page” on this blog where all the music stuff would go. Or maybe I could do some kind of bootleg e-mail every so often.

    Like I said I’m still trying to figure it out.

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