Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan

For years some kind soul, or maybe lots of kind souls have put together compilations of various artists covering Bob Dylan songs in concert. They call the comps “Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan.” To date they are up to 41 volumes. I’ve posted a few of them over the years, but someone on Expecting Rain uploaded almost all of them to Mega. I try not to post other people’s links on here but since Expecting Rain is a public forum you can just visit the original post and grab them.

One thought on “Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan

  1. Good call sharing this info, because that collection of Dylan covers is BONKERS !!!! And, they posted them in full FLAC. I had a bunch of the volumes already, but only in MP3, so I pulled down every one of them.

    It’s an amazing collection. Don’t miss it, folks.

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