Missing Shows

As part of my ongoing attempts to dig deep into The Midnight Cafe’s archives and make public long-dormant posts, I have started going through old bootleg posts, ones of which I no longer own. Before I post I will do my best to locate copies of the shows on other sites and download them. Eventually, I may upload them somewhere and share my links, but for now, I’ll just link over to wherever I find the shows.

When I cannot locate a copy of the show anywhere I’ll state so in my post. I have no idea how many of these shows I’ll find in other places but I suspect more than a few of them shall remain missing. If you happen to have copies of those missing shows I would be appreciative of you sending them to me.

So, you will be receiving some posts in your inbox that do not contain links to those shows. Please do not send me messages telling me that I forgot to include a link. 🙂

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