The Daily Links: December 19, 2022

I’ll be playing around with this concept for a few weeks (or months, or years). I like the idea of doing one post with a bunch of random links in it, but sometimes I’ll probably do a single post for a single interesting thing. Like if I find something I think is really cool I may make a separate post about it. Or maybe not, who knows?

I love the Internet Archive. They have an absolutely enormous collection of all kinds of amazing things. Obviously, the thing I really love is their collection of live concert recordings. I appreciate that they make sure to get confirmation from the artists before posting concerts to their official collections. But, since the site is a collaborative effort and just about anyone can upload stuff to the site a lot of collectors use their storage space to share music that has not been approved by the artists. These things are usually taken down once someone employed by the site notices, but it is always fun while it lasts. Today I have several links to interesting collections up at the Archive, but like I say, get it while the gettings good.

Ringo Starr & George Harrison – Lost and Found
A collection of demo tracks from George and Ringo.

Folksoundomy: Unsorted Audio Materials
Contains a few live shows from different artists plus a whole bunch of assorted and random other materials. Pretty fun to sort through.

Folksoundomy: A Library of Sound
An even bigger collection from these guys. This one is sorted. Of special note for The Midnight Cafe is there collection of ROIO recordings, but there are also tons of other stuff like vinyl rips, audiobooks, random cassette tape recordings, etc., etc., etc.

Ju-on: The Grudge Collection – Limited Edition
I’m a big fan of what they used to call J-Horror, that is Japanese Horror films which were very popular in the late 1990s. Ju-on: The Grudge was one of the best films that came out during that time and one of my favorite Blu-ray labels is putting out a pretty spectacular limited edition of the film.

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