Amazon Drive Shrinkage

As the new year is coming and I’m thinking about how my Amazon Drive will completely go away in April I realize that this decision came down not long after I upgraded to 7TBs. I never got close to filling up that last TB of storage and now Amazon won’t let me upload anything new. I think (but I’m not positive) that if I remove the over 6TBs of files, I can knock my plan back down to 6TBs and maybe get a little money refunded.

I’m gonna try it anyway. Which means I’m about to delete some files. I’ll try to delete relatively obscure artists or at least ones that never got many comments, so as to not disrupt anyone still trying to download old shows. But if you do run into a bad link leave a comment and I’ll try to reupload it to some other cloud storage.

4 thoughts on “Amazon Drive Shrinkage

  1. I’ve made it through 1981 so far re: Bob Dylan. Thank you for this!! I hope to get through the rest of the files before April.

    I already had many of them, but I have to check each one to see, and whenever I do that and then go back, it returns me to the beginning of the list so I have to scroll down again to whatever file I was last looking at. Maybe that’s just the case with Google Chrome.

    • I’ll leave Dylan alone for now, so you’ve got time. And like I said if I do delete something you want just let me know and I’ll reup it for you.

      That’s just Amazon Drive. It does it to me to and drives me crazy.

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