Amazon Shrinkage, Part II

A few days ago I noted that I would be deleting some files on my Amazon Drive in order to get it under 6TBs. The hope was that once I had done so I would be able to change my plan from 7TB to 6TB and possibly get a refund. I am now under 6TBs of storage and technically it is possible to change plans and get a prorated refund. But there are problems.

Amazon will prorate me a refund on the unused time on my 7TB purchase, but then the automatically bill me for a full year’s worth on the 6TB plan. I’m not sure if they give me a discounted rate since Amazon Drive is officially dying at the end of this year, or they would give me a refund when it does go away. Either way, I’m not buying.

So for now I am keeping the 7TB plan and not renewing it in April.

One thing I realized as I was trying to get the Amazon Drive under 6TBs was that there are some shows on my Drive that are not on any of my physical hard drives. They were either on drives that have gone bad, or I accidentally deleted them or I’ve just misplaced them somewhere. Either way, I want to go through my Amazon Drive systematically and download anything that is not on one of my hard drives.

While I’m doing this, I’ve decided that whenever I have verified that a file does exist on a hard drive, I am going to delete it from the Amazon Drive. This is a simple way for me to keep track of what I have and what I don’t have.

I’ll continue working on my less desired artists (basically anything that isn’t Dylan, The Dead, Van or Neil) and once that’s done I’ll work my way through the rest (I will probably write a new post when that time comes). This is to say, once again, that if you haven’t downloaded everything you want off my Amazon Drive now is the time to do so.

But also, once again, if I do delete something before you grab it please do send me a note and I’ll find somewhere else to upload it.

And just in case you’ve lost the link, click here for access to everything on my Amazon Drive.

3 thoughts on “Amazon Shrinkage, Part II

  1. Tons of thanks for all your thoughtful work on this Mat!

    Also, I’m watching/listening now to that “Van Morrison – Live at Real Studios – Box England – 2021” link you posted earlier … I was expecting to hate it b/c of the certain state he seems to be in right now, but gosh, it’s actually great. Way better than expected. And cool to see the band grooving.

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