Amazon Drive Shrinkage, Part III: This Time It’s Personal

Ok friends, I have no deleted all of the non-essential artists off my Amazon Drive and I will now begin working on the essentials. So, if you haven’t already gone through the Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Van Morrison files and downloaded what you need now is the time.

I’ll start with Peter Gabriel and Pink Floyd – artists that I don’t necessarily collect but still have a huge amount of shows from and then move to the other artists I do collect. There are a lot of them so it will take me some time. But at the speed I’ve been going, I should be completely finished in February sometime.

This may push forward my desire to start doing regular posts again through the Google Drive. I had originally thought I’d do that in April when my Amazon Drive account officially expires. But if I get through all of these files and delete them from Amazon I’ll go ahead and cancel the Drive and maybe even get a small refund. I can use that to support the Google Drive.

No promises though.

As always, if I delete something and you still need it just leave me a comment and I’ll find a way to upload it elsewhere.

9 thoughts on “Amazon Drive Shrinkage, Part III: This Time It’s Personal

  1. That explains the error message in jdownloader for these. I’ll check on Soulseek to see if anyone has them. If not would you be able to do a temp Wetransfer link?

    • Sorry about that. I don’t really want to do a WeTransfer upload because as you indicate it would only be temporary. And I don’t want to be in a situation where I am constantly getting reupload requests for the same thing.

      However, I will happily reupload anything you request to File Factory right now. I know that isn’t ideal if you don’t have a pro account with them as the downloads will be slow, but for the moment that is what I can do.

      But in the near future I will be uploading some things to Google Drive and depending on what you request I can put them up there. Or maybe something else. The future of the site is still a little bit in flux. So what I’d like you to do is leave a comment on any show you’d like me to reupload and I’ll eventually find a solution for you.

      • Hi Mat. No need to apologize. Beggars can’t be choosers. I’ll check around and if I can’t find it elsewhere I’ll request on the page of the album. Thanks

        • I don’t want you to be a beggar, I want to be able to provide what you want. Especially if it is something I already have and have shared before. I’m just in a weird transition phase. With Amazon Drive going away I have to figure out how to best share with everyone in a way that makes me and you all happy. I’m still not sure how to do that.

  2. Hey Mat – I’ve downloaded all the GD I hadn’t previously downloaded over the years, and now I’m on to Dylan. I made it up to Jerry through 1980 but think after that they’re gone. No worries as I’ve downloaded most everything of his anyway but just wanted to make sure they’re not lurking somewhere else? This indeed is a big transition and best of luck with it, thank you for everything you’ve done over the years!

    • Yes, I’ve been working my way through Jerry this week so most of his shows are now gone. Next week I’ll work on the Dead then Van Morrison and then I’ll do Bob Dylan. So you probably have a couple of weeks for him. But if I delete faster than you can download just leave a comment and Ill find somewhere to upload what your missing.

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