File Factor Links: January 23, 2023

A long while ago I was briefly using both Amazon Drive and File Factory. I think this was about the time I did my first begging. My idea was that I’d use Amazon Drive for the artists that I mainly collected and shared (Dylan, Garcia, Van, etc) and the File Factory for everything else. That way, or so the theory went, I’d save space on my Amazon Drive and you all some money. I uploaded quite a few shows before reaching out to you all to explain what I was doing. Overwhelmingly, you all said I should just use Amazon Drive and that you would pay for the extra space. At this point I stopped uploading new things to File Factory. When I remembered I would include File Factory links alongside the Amazon ones for those shows I had uploaded to both services. Eventually, I forgot all about what I had uploaded to File Factory.

Until Now.

While uploading some new shows to File Factory this week I discovered those old shows just sitting in a folder. I decided to include them in this week’s links. Which is why there are so many of them.

And here they are: File Factory Links

5 thoughts on “File Factor Links: January 23, 2023

  1. Mat,

    I am unable to navigate the File Factory download link. I was trying to link to the GD 02/05/66 file. The link keeps putting me in this endless loop of asking me to add an extension to my chrome (which I do not trust) and asking me if I’m a robot, etc. etc. I’ve found File Factory to be an undesirable platform that throws adds at you and feels like a security risk. There are so many cleaner options out there, whether it is media fire, mega, or kraken files, which Speedy is using over at So Many Roads. I would suggest you continue to think through your approach because I totally failed to get through the File Factory maze despite multiple attempts. If you can send me a different link to that file it would be appreciated but I also hope you can come up with a better solution to your file sharing because I love coming to your site. Thanks!

    • I’m sorry you are having trouble. I’ve heard some have trouble with FF giving them spammy stuff, but I’ve never ran into that. I don’t know if it is browser specific or if certain spyware programs work better to fend off that stuff, but that definitely sucks.

      I will be uploading some shows to Google Drive. I’m not quite ready to do that as I’m still organizing my files. But Google will be my official sharing source.

      I’m really using File Factory as my own personal backup space. I simply cannot afford to store everything on sites like Google Drive, Mediafire or Mega. Once you get into multiple terabytes of storage they get really expensive. But File Factory keeps their prices low and give me huge amounts of storage. I understand they aren’t great for downloaders, but again my primary reason to use them is as my own backup.

      But I figure since I can share those FF links I might as well do so. Then those who want to download from there can, but Google will really be the space that I’m officially sharing shows on.

      I don’t know if that makes sense. Maybe I should just beg for more money and solely use Google Drive. I just hate doing that, and FF works for me as a backup.

  2. I hear you loud and clear my friend and your response makes good sense. I am happy to hang on until you are actively using the Google Drive to share music with all of us.

    I just checked out the setlist for 2/5/66 and it wasn’t what I wanted anyway. It’s 2/6/66 I was really looking for. Last November during the 30 Days of Dead promotion, they shared the Mindbender from 2/6/66 and it was tremendous. So I looked for the whole show but couldn’t find it on Archive. I found it in one other place but the link had long since expired. If you ever run into 2/6/66 when you are looking for GD music you should definitely pick it up. 30 minutes of some of the earliest live material out there but finding it would require knowledge that is above my pay grade!

    • I’m glad I made sense, I’m not sure I always do 🙂 I definitely don’t want to make anyone mad over this stuff, but losing the Amazon Drive was a huge blow and has made me rethink what I actually want to do with my time and this blog.

      The Dead will definitely be one of the bands I share a lot on Google Drive so no worries there.

      I will keep an eye out for that show. It isn’t showing up in the usual places I look, but I’ll try to do a little investigating.

  3. Thanks for looking around. It’s a show from Northridge CA. I found it by googling. The set list had about 6-8 songs including one of the few Mindbenders ever. But I couldn’t get that link to work. It stumped almost everyone who plays the contest at 30 Days of Dead. Definitely worth uncovering.

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