File Factory Links: January 30, 2023

I know it is a little screwball that I keep saying that Google Drive will be my official file hosting center, and then File Factory is just a side project, that it isn’t my official sharing site. But then I don’t post any Google Drive links and I do keep posting File Factory links.

I really will post some Google Drive links, probably soon. I had been waiting for my Amazon Drive to expire and using that as an excuse to do some organization. Figuring I might get some money back if I went ahead and canceled my Amazon Drive account I’ve been working my way through all the files on the Drive to make sure I still have them all on a physical drive.

I’m just about through with that project and while I am not finished with my organization, I figure I’ll go ahead and start using Google Drive. In a few weeks, most likely.

But I will continue to use File Factory as my online backup. And I’ll still post those links every week.

Here’s the metaphor I came up with the other day.

Pretend I’ve invited you all to my house for a big meal. I’m gonna go all out – soups, salads, appetizers, entrees, and desserts. It will be delicious. I’ll put on some good music and we’ll have some good conversations. But it will take time to prepare. You all arrive early and you arrive hungry. There are some Doritos laying on the counter. I offer you those chips to tide you over until mealtime.

Obviously, the meal is Google Drive and the Doritos is File Factory. Please don’t complain about the Doritos. That’s not the meal I’m offering. Your patience will be rewarded.

And with that ridiculous little story being over here are your File Factory links.

One thought on “File Factory Links: January 30, 2023

  1. Ha ha – great analogy! This project is going to be fantastic when the time is right for it to emerge. Thank you for all of your efforts. And in the meantime, yummy Doritos! 🙂

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