File Factory Links: February 6, 2023

Has anyone used a WeTransfer pro account? They say they offer unlimited storage for $19/month which is a really good price. But I’ve never seen anyone use them other than the free accounts where the links expire after 7 days. As a downloader, those expiring links work really well. I find WeTransfer downloads to be really fast and they’ve never given me any problems, but I’m curious to how well they work for pro accounts.

I can’t seem to stop looking for alternatives to File Factory and Google Drive.

But for now here are this week’s File Factory links.

4 thoughts on “File Factory Links: February 6, 2023

      • I’ve used Wetransfer pro a lot in the past and it is very convenient. So now, when I don’t have so much to transfer, I prefer to keep my Pro account. If you want to sent a dvd to somebody, the free 2 GB possibility is not good enough. And I have plenty of tapes from Dutch radio that I want to digitalize. So my up- and download traffic will increase in the near future. You have to pay for a whole year at once, no monthly installments.

        • Thank you for the reply. As you can see from my new post this morning I am trying out the pro account. But I don’t think it will work for me, which is too bad because the pricing is excellent and their speeds are very good.

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