Down to Bob

I finished going through my Van Morrison files today on the Amazon Drive so now it is just Bob Dylan I have to sort through. There is a lot of Bob on the Drive so it will take me a week or so to get through it and then I’l cancel my subscription. Hopefully, I’ll get a little refund which I can put to better use.

I’ve pretty much decided to go ahead and use Google Drive and drop File Factory. I’d still appreciate any comments on my post about making that decision. I’ll probably start tomorrow uploading shows to it and I figure I’ll do a daily post where I link over to the Drive showing you what’s new.

That may change a bit over time. I still love my artist’s pages and I like the idea of keeping them updated. Maybe I’ll just add dates to those posts with a link to the appropriate section of Google Drive. I’ll eventually go back and change the links in my old posts, too. I’ll drop the Amazon links and add in Google. But those are big projects and I’m in no hurry.

I still plan to write movie reviews and talk about pop culture and tell stories. The links to Google with music files will just be on part of the blog from now on.

Thanks for staying with me on this weird little journey.

15 thoughts on “Down to Bob

  1. Dear Mat,
    first let me thank you for all your great work, especially on Bob Dylan and Neil Young.
    I would like you to stay with FileFactory, it’s reliable, fast and affordable.
    Kind regards from Austria, keep on rockin’

  2. Quick thanks, Mat, for all you work on finding a new bootleg home. Can’t express how much I appreciate all the music and movie reviews, although I’m way behind on your posts. How do you find the time?

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