Daily Bootleg Links: February 12, 2023

Ok, I think this thing is a go. I just paid Google $200 for 2TBs of space. That eats up most of my Paypal money that you all donated. But it should last a year. I think this will work well, but if not we’ll try again in a year.

Deciding what to upload to Google will be a little tricky. There are tons of shows that I previously uploaded to Google, shows I will like to upload to Google, but I also don’t want this to just be a bunch of reuploads for you all, shows that you already have. My plan is to upload by artist just like I did with the Amazon Drive:

Monday: Bob Dylan
Tuesday: Jerry Garcia
Wednesday: Grateful Dead
Thursday: Neil Young
Friday: Van Morrison
Saturday-Sunday: Various Artists

For some artists I have more shows that I’ve never uploaded before than others. I still have quite a bit of Dylan, some Neil, and a little Van, but the Dead and Jerry are depleted. I will find more shows from the and upload them, but I don’t have any in stock.

Point being that you all will need to double-check your files before you download to ensure you haven’t already downloaded these shows from me.

And with that here we are:

The Who – 1970.06.27 – Cleveland, OH

The Who – 1970.06.29 – Columbia, MD

The Who – 1970.07.02 – Kansas City, MO

The Who – 1970.07.05 – Detroit, MI

The Who – 1970.07.07 – Lenox, MA

Wilco – 2013.06.21 – North Adams, MA

Wilco – 2014.12.08 – Chicago, IL

Wilco – 2017.02.25 – Chicago, IL

Wilco – A Ghost is Born Compilation

Wilco – AM Demos

8 thoughts on “Daily Bootleg Links: February 12, 2023

  1. Excellent! It’s asking for permission to access, which is more of a hassle for you than us – sorry about that! Maybe once we receive access to one, the others will be permitted also?

    Thanks for all your work on this Mat!

  2. Awesome Mat, Google Drive was a breeze! I ceremonially downloaded everything! Not that I needed to, but because I wanted to! Thanks so much!!!

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