Bootlegs of the Day: February 17, 2023

I’ve noticed that whenever I share a folder on Google Drive the link takes you inside that folder, instead of outside like Amazon did. I find this slightly annoying, especially when there isn’t a folder inside the first folder, which means when you click on my link Google Drive shows you a bunch of FLAC files and whatever. I want it to show you a folder that you can click on and then see the music. If that makes sense.

So I’ve started creating folders to put my folder in so that you always get a folder when you click on my link. I think. I’m still trying to figure it out. I think there is a way for you all to download the outer folder that you can’t see, but I’m not positive about that. If you can then you may be downloading a show only to find it stuffed inside multiple folders.

I don’t know how to explain that well, but if you are finding yourself removing the files from an extra layer of folders when you download and you don’t like that, let me know.

Most of these Van Morrison shows were previously posted by me with Amazon links. Today, I decided to try to just link over to my original posts where you can then click on the Google Drive links and download. That might be slightly annoying to you, but it is great for me. I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to my stats, but ever since I urged everyone to sign up for my little e-mail thingy almost no one actually visits the site. This should push you to at least briefly visit my site to get the Google links and that will help me see how many people are actually looking at the shows. Sometimes it feels like I’m publishing into a great big void so it will be nice to know at least a few people are interested in my stuff.

But if you find that too obnoxious, just let me know.

Van Morrison – The Best Of 2000 Vol. 1-5

Van Morrison – The Best of 2004, Vol. 1-8

Van Morrison – The Christmas Album (2011)

Van Morrison – The Healing Game Live

Van Morrison – The Philosopher’s Alternate Stones

Van Morrison – The Rare 70’s Tape

Van Morrison – Unplugged in the Studio (1968-1971)

Van Morrison – Van the Man

Van Morrison – Who’s Grumpy

13 thoughts on “Bootlegs of the Day: February 17, 2023

  1. Dear Mat, I still follow your music (esp GD JG NY, West Coast) and appreciate it. The films, I read a few reviews, but not many. I really look forward to your emails arriving here in Russia.I wonder how you manage the day job! Keep going when yo want to! Sincerely, Robin

    • Thank you. I totally understand not reading all my movie talk. I mean I spent ten years or more doing nothing but music and all of a sudden I’m throwing movie reviews at everyone. I know that’s not everybody’s thing, but I’m doing it anyway 🙂

      And it is totally fine that you and everybody else receive the e-mails. But it is also nice to see people actually coming to the site. So, I appreciate your comment.

  2. I for one am happy to be receiving any and everything that you are posting and if it’s a little more or less inconvenient for me so be it. I appreciate you seeking feedback to make the experience as great as possible…..

  3. I’m finding some treasures in the links you shared today – will reply on those individual posts.

    I used to get email alerts, and don’t get them at the moment for some reason. But I am that unusual person who does just check in here at the website to see what’s up several times a week.

    Thanks for all you do Mat.

    • Sorry you aren’t getting e-mail alerts. I have no idea how my e-mail thingy works so I can’t actually offer assistance. I appreciate that you take the time to comment often, even when it is just a “thank you”.

  4. Hey Mat-

    I don’t get the e-mails either, but that’s fine with me. I like to stop by the site at least once a week to browse around. On that note, I have no problems with you linking to the original posts. I like to read a little about the shows if possible before I decide whether to download.

    By the way, I do read most of the movie reviews you post, but I don’t think I’ve actually seen any of the films you’ve discussed. Some of them have sounded interesting, though. I should look them up.

    Thanks for the work you do, and I hope you keep it up (in whatever way you want).

    • Did you sign up for the e-mails and now you aren’t getting them or did you never sign up to receive them?

      I appreciate you stopping by the site. I really don’t pay a whole lot of attention to my stats, but I do look at them a couple of times a week just to see how many people show up. It is always nice to see that number grow.

      I’m glad you are enjoying the movie reviews. I have kind of weird taste in films and tend to watch older stuff.

  5. When you took the blog private, I put in my e-mail so that I would be kept in the loop about what was going to happen. I think I got some e-mail alerts back then, but I never paid much attention since it was part of my routine to visit the blog regularly anyway. Maybe at some point I turned off the alerts about new posts; I really can’t remember.

    Funny thing, though, is that I DID get an e-mail alert that you responded to my comment above. I don’t know, it’s all over my head!

    • It is over mine too, LOL. I put that little e-mail widget thing on my blog years ago but I have no idea how it works. I don’t know how to do anything with it or even how many subscribers I have. Sometimes I get notifications that someone new has subscribed, but that’s about all I know 🙂

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