Bootlegs of the Day: February 18, 2023

As you can see I’m sharing a bunch of U2 with you today. In fact, I’m sharing everything by that band that I own. And I have a request. While going through all my U2 I noticed that I used to own a show from U2, and even blogged about it relatively recently, bu it is no longer in my files. This is the show in question:

Albany, NY (11/13/81)

As you can see from the comments I initially filed this show away as a Boyz II Men concert (because the bootleg name is Boys to Me and I wasn’t paying attention). I’m guessing when I realized my mistake I must have thought I moved the show to the correct U2 folder and then may be deleted it out of the Boyz folder. But in reality, I never properly moved it. Or something.

Anyway, if anyone has it, would you mind sharing it with me?

There are three shows here that I have not previously posted.


U2 – The Silent Side of U2

U2 – Street Mission

U2 – 2018.05.08 – San Jose, CA

U2 – 2018.04.20 – Laval, Canada

U2 – 2001.03.xx – Sunrise, FL

U2 – 1987.05.15 – East Rutherford, NJ

U2 – 1985.07.13 – London, England

U2 – 1984.10.23 – Nantes, France

U2 – 1983.06.05 – Morrison, CO

6 thoughts on “Bootlegs of the Day: February 18, 2023

  1. I have four 1981 U2 shows. Not the one you requested but I do have excellent quality SBD’s from 3/6/81 (Boston) 3/17/81 (NYC), 5/5/81 (SF) and 12/13/81 (NY). The set lists all have a lot of common songs so any one of these could be an effective substitute for the Albany show. Yours for the asking.

      • OK, how can I get them to you? I’d be happy to burn them as discs and mail them to you. Or if there’s somewhere that I can upload them to you online I’d do that. I’ve got about 20 U2 shows from 1981 through 2019. Only a couple of them overlap with what you already have. I can give you a list of them if you want.

        • The easiest way would be to just send them to me online. I can download from any site you want to upload to: WeTransfer, File Factory, Mega, etc. Why don’t you go ahead and send me a list. I don’t really collect U2, but would definitely be interested in having more shows by them.

          e-mail me at

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