Dead Links

I’m going to pin this to the top of my blog. Now that my blog is public again there are people who will be coming to the site via search engines or other means, and thus they will not have read the ongoing saga of Amazon and finding a new host for all my shows.

For many years I used Amazon Drive to host all of my show links. They are discontinuing their service at the end of 2023. Not wanting to renew with a dead site I went ahead and canceled my account with them. This means that the thousands of shows I posted with Amazon Drive links are now dead in the water.

I will be reuploading all those old shows to Google Drive. But there are a lot of them and that is going to take me a long time. Especially since my priority will be posting shows that have never been on my blog before.

Please do not leave me a comment telling me my Amazon links are dead. I know they are dead. I canceled that service. Please do leave me a comment asking me to reupload shows that have dead links. Please leave that comment on the post for the show in question. Please don’t leave it on this post or any other post that does not contain the show you want to be reuploaded.

Please be nice about it. Please be patient. I will get to your requests eventually. Following these simple rules and a little kindness will help me get to your requests faster.

6 thoughts on “Dead Links

  1. Hey there, just wanted to leave a friendly comment thanking you for the obvious hard work that you put into this page. It’s truly a treasure trove of takes on artists I’m both familiar and unfamiliar with, and your knowledge and dedication to these subjects is nothing short of astounding. That said, I’d also like to inquire about some of the links to shows not working. Don’t mean to come off as ungrateful, far from it. But I’d hate to see the hard work you’ve put into making these shows available for others to listen to and enjoy go to waste. Hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience, and thanks again.


    • As I explained in this post, Amazon is discontinuing its Drive service. Thus all the shows I posted through Amazon Drive no longer work. I will be reuploading everything to Google Drive but that will take time. If you want something reuploaded, please leave a comment on that post.

      I saw your comment on the Van Morrison post from 1971 and I will reupload that for you. But give me a few days.

      • I can’t thank you enough. I wasn’t even expecting a response, honestly. Let alone getting one so quickly. Take all the time you need, and thanks again

  2. I love you Mat…..I have sounds that make my heart soar whenever I listen to them and many came from your collections….thank you for all you do, there are some of us out here who truly appreciate everything you are doing….I love, love, love my Dylan collection. I treat it like gold. Multiple terabyte hard drives and multiple backup copies to assure I never loose anything. Do whatever you have to to put your collections in order, I know how much time I spend on it so knowing how big your collection is, I know how much effort and time it takes….doesn’t go unnoticed. Thanks!!!!! I always use JRMEDIA CENTER to manage and listen with and I also use “Beyond Compare” to make syncing hard drive copies easy, especially with newer content constantly being added since last sync. “Beyond Compare” is a great program, highly recommended for file management copy duties and organizing. Not too expensive for either, nominal prices and worth their costs. Excellent!!!

  3. Mat, I just discovered this site and am blown away, especially with the Van Morrison shows. If you have time, I’d love to get my hands on the Montreux 1980. I’ve watched on YouTube so many times but would love to have the audio files.

    Thanks for all the hard work here!

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