Bootlegs of the Day: February 21, 2023

While I’m not yet ready to do individual posts for individual shows yet, I have been adding links to my Artist’s Pages. Mostly I’m taking the Google Drive links to the new shows I’m uploading and posting them in the Artist’s Pages. I figure that at least allows people to keep seeing what shows by the artists I have made available. Apparently, I have never posted a show from INXS which is surprising since I love that band. Since they didn’t have an Artist Page I decided to go ahead and make one and when I was making one I decided I’d go ahead and do a post for that one show. And now you’ve seen it.

INXS – 1985.11.15 – Los Angeles, CA

Jerry Garcia Band – 1977.07.03 – Palo Alto, CA

Jerry Garcia Band – 1977.07.08 – Hempstead, NY

Jerry Garcia Band – 1977.07.09 – Asbury Park, NJ

Jerry Garcia Band – 1977.07.23 – Berkeley, CA

Jerry Garcia Band – 1977.07.29 – San Francisco, CA

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