Bootlegs of the Day: March 3, 2023

It is Friday and that means I’ve got some Van Morrison to share. Thanks to my friend Aric for sharing some of these with me through his own Google Drive. That saved me from having to upload them myself. There will be more of that in the upcoming weeks (just as soon as I find the time to sort through them a little).

Van Morrison – 1970.04.26 – San Francisco, CA

Van Morrison – Desert Land Live, 1971

Van Morrison – 1971.01.29 – Santa Monica, CA

Van Morrison – 1971.05.14 – Cotati, CA

Van Morrison – 1971.08.08 – San Anselmo, CA

Van Morrison – 2003 – Unreleased Live Album

Van Morrison – 2003.01.10 – York, England

Van Morrison – 2003.01.31 – Llandudno, Wales

Van Morrison – 2003.03.28 – Dublin, Ireland

Van Morrison – 2003.03.28-20 – Dublin, Ireland

Van Morrison – 2003.04.04 – Oxford, England

Van Morrison – 2003.04.15 – London, England

Van Morrison – 2003.04.16 – London, England

Van Morrison – Magic Moments Vol. 1

Van Morrison – Magic Moments Vol. 2

Van Morrison – Magic Moments Vol. 3

Van Morrison – Mechanical Bliss

Van Morrison – Meets Bob Dylan & John Lee Hooker

Van Morrison – Moondance Live

Van Morrison – Moondance Through the Years

Van Morrison – Naked in the Jungle

One thought on “Bootlegs of the Day: March 3, 2023

  1. Thanks Mat. Been enjoying all your work. Any chance you can upload any more volumes of the Magic Moments series, as there appeared to be more volumes? Thanks Terry


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