Bootlegs of the Day: March 9, 2023

When I heard David Lindley has passed I went looking for shows of his that I could share. The only thing I could find in my collection was this Jackson Browne show from 1975. Sharing it I decided to go ahead and reshare all of my Jackson Browne shows.

Then I moved on to the regular Thursday choice, Neil Young. There are a few of his shows from 2000 that I’ve never shared before.


Jackson Browne – 1975.03.02 – New Orleans, LA

Jackson Browne – 1986.03.15 – Essen, Germany

Jackson Browne – 1996.03.05 – Tucson, AZ

Jackson Browne – 1999.08.15 – Los Angeles, CA

Jackson Browne – 2004.03.16 – New York, NY

Neil Young – 1973.11.05 – London, England

Neil Young – 2000.08.12 – Mansfield, MA

Neil Young – 2000.08.14 – Hartford, CT

Neil Young – 2000.08.22 – Atlanta, GA

Neil Young – 2000.09.08 – Nampa, ID

Neil Young – 2000.09.09 – George, WA

Neil Young – 2000.09.24 – Phoenix, AZ

7 thoughts on “Bootlegs of the Day: March 9, 2023

  1. I’ve got several WhoopAss Lindley & El RayoX concerts on a flash drive (probably got them from 101/Edge?)….and I saw them live several times…the shows are from Santa Cruz, MountainAirFest in AngelsCamp, San Juan Capistrano, all in the 80’s….if you look around, they’re out there….

    • I figure now that news of his passing is getting traction his shows are showing up in the usual places. I just did a quick search of the shows I already own so that I could share something in tribute.

  2. Thanks for posting NY 11/5/73. I listened to it this morning while I was skiing. Not exactly my favorite Neil tour but I wanted to see what led him to decide to release it. After listening I still don’t have the answer to that question, other than to say Neil has eclectic tastes. The post is much appreciated.

    There’s a lot of David Lindley with Jackson Browne that circulates. I have some great shows (8/15/73; 9/27/73; 3/1/74, 10/11/74 and 9/7/75) but all are in the mp3 format so I know you’re not interested. Just saying that the shows are out there if you want to look.

    • You are welcome. I guess I need to listen to that soon to be released show. Who know why Neil does what he does, other than Neil himself?

      As I mentioned in the above comment, I’m sure there is lots of Lindley stuff going around right now. I should probably grab some. Yesterday I did a quick search of my files to find something from him to pay my own small tribute

  3. Very depressed to hear of Lindleys passing. Incredibly underrated musician. I will be listening to him solo and with Jackson, Ry cooder, and Kalaidescope. Thanks for your Jackson show and always thanks for your Neil postings.

    • Yes. He’s one of those guys whose name I’ve known for years but whose music I don’t really know. Am definitely going to be seeking him out now for some good listening.

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