Bootlegs of the Day: March 13, 2028

Happiest of Mondays to you Bob fans. I’ve got a bunch of shows for you today, most of them from fairly recent gigs. I still can’t get enough of his 2022 tour! If you all have suggestions on what tours or shows you’d like me to post let me hear about it in the comments.

Bob Dylan – 2022.10.24 – London, England

Bob Dylan – 2022.10.23 – London, England

Bob Dylan – 2022.10.20 – London, England

Bob Dylan – 2022.10.17 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bob Dylan – 2022.10.16 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bob Dylan – 2022.10.13 – Paris, France

Bob Dylan – 2022.07.06 – Denver, CO

Bob Dylan – 2019.10.13 – Thackerville, OK

Bob Dylan – 2019.10.12 – Santa Barbara, CA

Bob Dylan – 2019.04.26 – Barakaldo, Spain

Bob Dylan – 2019.04.16 – Vienna, Austria

Bob Dylan – 2018.11.03 – Durham, NC

Bob Dylan – One Leg At A Time 25 Years of the NET (1988-2012)

10 thoughts on “Bootlegs of the Day: March 13, 2028

  1. FYI: Google Drive (or my Google Fiber connection) didn’t like “One Leg At A Time 25 Years of the NET (1988-2012).” I looked at each volume (there are 9) after the zip file had downloaded, and there were several tracks missing from most of the volumes. I tried re-downloading it, and had the same problem, only this time there were different tracks missing. So I separately downloaded each volume folder and each file in order to get everything, and was successful getting every music track that way. Maybe Google Drive has a problem with zipped folders over a certain size?

    • Interesting. Your guess is as good as mine, but I’d also assume that it was a problem with the file size. Let me know if that happens again. Not that I’ll know what to do about it…

  2. Hi Mat,
    If you can post flac versions of any of the following shows from 1996, I would greatly appreciate it. I only have them as MP3: 96-06-15 Arhus, 96-07-23 Magdeburg, 96-08-03 Atlanta, 96-10-20 Mesa, 96-11-02 Birmingham, 96-11-03 Chattanooga, 96-11-07 Dayton, and 96-11-09.

  3. I love all Dylan, but if I had to pick a favorite year of the entire NET – or even of his career, believe it or not – I might pick the year that Freddy Koella was his guitarist, from April 18, 2003 until April 14, 2004. So any shows from that year would be lovely.

    • I’m a ridiculous man. I just queued up every show from those dates to upload. It was 46 gigs worth so it may be a few weeks before I get them all up.

      I’m ridiculous because I just wrote that I was going to slow down the uploading 🙂

      • Ha ha hilarious! That’s fantastic – thank you! Koella was a passionate guitar alchemist who drove Dylan to up the ante in concert in unexpected ways.

        Dylan really doesn’t like to be “challenged” in latter years onstage – ergo, the firing of Duke Robilliard in 2013, and Charlie Sexton mostly languishing nearly unused for show after show after show – but for one year, Koella found a way to do it. Looking forward to anything you might share, and I think others will too.

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