Bootlegs of the Day: March 14, 2023

I think I’m going to have to slow things down a bit. I’ve already burned up 340 gigs of my Google Drive and its only been a few weeks. At this rate I’ll hit my 2 TB limit in a few months and I’d hate to beg for money so soon since I restarted.

Starting tomorrow I’m gonna try to only upload a few shows each night instead of the ten or more that I’ve been doing.

Jerry Garcia Band – 1977.11.30 – Buffalo, NY

Jerry Garcia Band – 1977.12.02 – Boston, MA

Jerry Garcia Band – 1977.12.04 – New Brunswick, NJ

Jerry Garcia Band – 1977.12.06 – Greenvale, NY

Jerry Garcia Band – 1977.12.08 – Albany, NY

Jerry Garcia Band – 1977.12.09 – Stony Brook, NY

Jerry Garcia Band – 1977.12.10 – Washington, DC

Jerry Garcia Band – 1977.12.11 – University Park, PA

Jerry Garcia Band – 1977.12.23 – Berkeley, CA

Jerry Garcia Interview – 1977.xx.xx – Philadelphia, PA

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