Bootlegs of the Day: March 18, 2023

With Amazon Drive I always uploaded new shows to a special folder, then once I had shared them I’d move each show to the correct artist folder. Google Drive doesn’t let me do that, whenever I move a show to a different folder it changes the share specifications.

So now I move new shows to their artists folders before sharing. Then once I’ve shared them I add a little star to the show. But sometimes I get distracted and I forget to add a little star. Othertimes I forget which shows are new and then I don’t share them. Today, since I only had three Pink Floyd shows to share I decided to go through my Dylan folder to see if there was anything I hadn’t shared yet.

There were. Quite a lot of them in fact. Enjoy

Bob Dylan – 1973 – Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid Sessions

Bob Dylan 1996.07.23 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Bob Dylan – 1996.07.23-24 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Bob Dylan – 1996.08.03 – Atlanta, GA

Bob Dylan – 1996.06.15 – Aarhus, Denmark

Bob Dylan – 2010.08.11 – Billings, MT

Bob Dylan – 2011.10.23 – Oberhausen, Germany – w/Mark Knopfler

Bob Dylan – 2011.10.25 – Mannheim, Germany – w/Mark Knopfler

Bob Dylan – 2011.10.26 – Munich, Germany – w/Mark Knopfler

Bob Dylan – 2011.10.27 – Leipzig, Germany – w/Mark Knopfler

Bob Dylan – 2011.10.29 – Berlin, Germany – w/Mark Knopfler

Bob Dylan – 2011.10.31 – Hamburg, Germany – w/Mark Knopfler

Pink Floyd – 1977.07.02 – New York, NY

Pink Floyd – 1994.07.03 – Madison, WI

Pink Floyd – 1994.07.22 – Lisbon, Portugal

4 thoughts on “Bootlegs of the Day: March 18, 2023

  1. FYI – Whenever you download “Bob Dylan – 1996.07.23-24 – Copenhagen, Denmark” Google Drive separately downloads one track and then downloads the rest in a second zip file. It changes each time. E.g., one time it will separately download Disc 02 Track 03 and the big download will omit Disc 02 Track 03, or it will separately download Disc 04 Track 07 and the big download will omit Disc 04 Track 07. Maybe a 4-Disc download (Disc 01 11 tracks, Disc 02 10 tracks, Disc 03 11 tracks, Disc 04 8 tracks) can be too big for one Google Drive zip file. So you will get/need two zip files for this download. You can probably unzip them, put the odd file into the folder where it belongs, and then zip it all up if you want it all in one zip file.

    • Yes, so I thnk if you are trying to download a bunch of files that add up to more than xxGBs then Google automatically splits it into multiple zip files. Since I do not zip each show myself then all those FLAC files are seen as individual files by Google and thus if the show is over the allotted amount (and I don’t know what that is) then you get the automatic split by Google.

      In this case I assume that particular show is just over the limit and so it puts as many files as it can into the first zip folder and all that’s left over is one FLAC file.

      Kind of annoying but it should be easy for you to unzip the files and then put them all back into one folder.

      I think if I did zip each show up you could download bigger files. However, I don’t want to do that as I like having the shows unzipped as that allows you to read the text files, look at the images and even listen to the music before you download. That seems more important to me than being annoyed by multiple zips.

  2. Thanks for these – I’m especially glad to get the Atlanta ’96 show in FLAC. It’s a beautiful soundboard I’d had in low MP3 bitrate for years, but this sounds better and is in FLAC. Much appreciated.

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