Bootlegs of the Day: April 5, 2023

Happy Grateful Dead Wednesday to everyone. I hope this finds you well.

Grateful Dead – 1985.07.02 – Pittsburgh, PA

Grateful Dead – 1992.02.22 – Oakland, CA

Grateful Dead – 1994.03.31 – Atlanta, GA

Grateful Dead – 1994.06.08 – Sacramento, CA

Grateful Dead – 1994.07.19 – Noblesville, IN

5 thoughts on “Bootlegs of the Day: April 5, 2023

  1. I was just wondering if you ever had a chance to search for the 02/06/1966 GD show I mentioned to you? It’s from a slightly different era than what you’ve been posting (ha!) but definitely one that us old farts would really like to hear. Thanks!

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