Bootlegs of the Day: April 16, 2023

Since I am no longer doing individual posts for individual shows it is always a little weird when I try to post a show from an artist I haven’t posted before. Because I really like the Artist’s Pages I want every artist that I post to have their own page. This means when I post new artists I have to create a new artist page for them. When I do that I always think that I have to do at least one post for one show for them. It only occurs to me just now that I don’t need to do that, that I could simply add Google Links to the new artist page.

I’m just dumb. But this does explain why I just posted the Spirit show from Seattle and then added their artist page.

Derek & The Dominoes – 1970.12.05 – Port Chester, NY

Duke Ellington – Danish Radio 1956-1970

Metallica – 2007.10.28 – Mountain View, CA

Spirit – 1969.03.02 – Seattle, WA

The Rolling Stones – 1973.01.21-22 – Honolulu, HI

Van Halen – 1978.05.22 – Manchester, England

Van Halen – 1979.09.13 – Tokyo, Japan

Van Halen – 2015.07.20 – Morrison, CO

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