Spirit – Seattle, WA (03/02/69)

Eagle Auditorium
Seattle, WA

Download FLAC: Google Drive

Trancas Fog Out
Fog-Out Jam
It’s All The Same
Fresh Garbage
Apple Orchard
Mechanical World
I Got A Line On You

  1. New Dope In Town
  2. It Shall Be
  3. Tuning
  4. Darlin’ If
  5. Pause Between Song
  6. Caught
  7. Aren’t You Glad
  8. Uncle Jack

Randy California – Guitar, Vocals
Ed Cassidy – Drums
John Locke – Keyboards
Mark Andes – Bass
Jay Ferguson – Vocals

Untracked WAV file sent to me from Mauro. This was split into tracks by D. Tanzi (double check to make sure he wants that name on here!!!!!!!. WAV converted to FLAC by The Midnight Cafe.

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