Bootlegs of the Day: April 24, 2023

You’ll never guess what I have for you today. Surprise! It is several Bob Dylan shows from 2003!

Bob Dylan – 2003.10.26 – Graz, Austria

Bob Dylan – 2003.11.01 – Rome, Italy

Bob Dylan – 2003.11.11 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bob Dylan – 2003.11.15 – London, England

Bob Dylan – 2003.11.17 – Dublin, Ireland

Bob Dylan – 2003.11.21 – Birmingham, England

Bob Dylan – 2003.11.23 – London, England

8 thoughts on “Bootlegs of the Day: April 24, 2023

  1. Another day of great Bob Dylan uploads!

    I had been laid off from a job at a cd manufacturing plant in 2003 and managed to finagle 13 months of unemployment from the corrupt owners of that business. As a result it was possible to see Bob Dylan multiple times with Freddy.during the year he was with the band.

    Some of the best memories from the past.

    Thank you very much!

      • People claim that Stu Kimball was master of “The Tone” but I still believe that Freddy blows him away. He has that Mick Taylor like quality of not overplaying and fills in gaps perfectly.

        The great thing about cd’s was that everything fit into the palm of your hand 5.937 x 4.625.

        Take care

  2. Thx. I’m a big fan of these 2003-2005 Bob Dylan shows. You should upload also some 2005 shows, you’ve said. I’m very interested in the Boston 2005 trilogy (15/16/17 april) and Dublin 17/11 from 2005. I would that appreciate that very much.

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