Alex Chilton – Saint Louis, MO (01/23/92)

Alex Chilton
Saint Louis MO

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SBD>Sony D6
Master casssette>SonyTC-K760>EdirolR-09HR 24/96>Cool Edit Pro>TLH>FLAC

CD1-1 fade in>Ti-Na-Ni-Na-Nu
CD1-2 Little GTO
CD1-3 Volare
CD1-4 Il Ribelle (The Rebel)
CD1-5 Thing for You
CD1-6 Guantanamerika
CD1-7 My Bonnie
CD1-8 Take It Off
CD1-9 Sick and Tired
CD1-10 B-A-B-Y
CD1-11 When My Baby’s Beside Me

CD2-12 I Will Turn Your Money Green
CD2-13 Bangkok
CD2-14 September Gurls
CD2-15 What’s Your Sign Girl?
CD2-16 I Could Go for You in a Big Way
CD2-17 No Sex
CD2-18 New Girl in School
CD2-19 The Letter
CD2-20 Let’s Get Lost
CD2-21 My Baby Just Cares for Me
CD2-22 With a Girl Like You

Yo La Tengo With Alex Chilton – Hoboken, NJ (12/08/07)

Yo La Tengo with Alex Chilton
December 8, 2007
(Hanukkah, night 5)
Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ

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Source 1: SBD>iRiver h140
Source 2: Nakamichi cm300’s>iRiver h120

Disc One:

01 Barnaby, Hardly Working
02 Shaker
03 Stockholm Syndrome
04 Tears Are In Your Eyes
05 Season of the Shark
06 Don’t Say A Word (Hot Chicken #2)
07 Song For Mahlia
08 talking “we thought we had enough power for eight nights”
09 The River of Water (with Dave Rick of Dew-Claw/ex-YLT on guitar)
10 talking
11 Sometime In The Morning (Carole King/Gerry Goffin) (with DR and Stephen Hunking on vocals/guitar)
12 talking
13 E.T.I. (Blue Oyster Cult) (with DR and SH)

Disc Two:

01 Mr. Tough
02 Big Day Coming
03 Watch Out For Me, Ronnie
04 The Story of Yo La Tango
05 encore break – talking
*(encore)* with Alex Chilton on guitar and vocals
06 I’ve Had It (The Bell-Notes)
07 The Oogum Boogum Song (Brenton Wood)
08 Let Me Get Close To You (Carole King/Gerry Goffin)
09 Femme Fatale (Velvet Underground)
10 Baby Strange (T-Rex)
11 Hey Little Child (Alex Chilton)
12 Government Center (Modern Lovers)

Thanks to Yo La Tengo, soundguy Mark Luecke, the great folks at Maxwell’s, and thir13en!

Alex Chilton – Los Angeles, CA (10/30/87)

Alex Chilton
Variety Arts Center
Los Angeles, CA
October 30, 1987

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CD 1 trackls 1-11 45:10
CD 2 tracks 12-19 39:25

01 Tee Na Ni Nee Noo/Tip On In (Slim Harpo) 3:30
02 September Gurls 2:39
03 Thing For You 3:17
04 B-A-B-Y (Carla Thomas) 4:02
05 Volare (Nel blu dipinto di blu) (Domenico Modugno) 3:09
06 Bangkok 2:37
07 Sick and Tired (Chris Kenner, Fats Domino) 4:53
08 Disco Lady (Johnny Taylor) 5:04
09 the Things That I Used To Do (Guitar Slim) 3:46
10 Make a Little Love 4:53
11 New Orleans jam instr. 7:14
12 Save Your Love For Me (Buddy Johnson and His Orch.) 6:03
13 No Sex 4:09
14 Ya Ya (Lee Dorsey) 5:19
15 Thank You John (Willie Tee) 3:36
16 Band intro Take It Off (Joe ‘Groundhog’ Richardson) 4:02
17 Come By Here 4:18
18 Little GTO (Ronny and the Daytonas) 3:06
19 Dalai Lama (one channel has just static for most of it) 8:44

Alex Chilton-Vocals, Guitar
Ron Easley-Bass
Doug Garrison-Drums

tracks #7-19 have a horn section

Master Audience recording made by Haircut
Aud 1st Gen Master Cassette > CD-R > Wav > TLH Flac 8

From the taper:

So here’s an interesting one. Alex Chilton on his High Priest tour in 1987. The theater at the Variety Arts Center must have had a capacity of 1000+ people but there couldn’t have been 100 at this show. I literally was able to place my cassette recorder on the edge of the stage at the start of the set. Problem with that was it picked some pounding on the stage as well as quite a bit of drunken chatter (including the occasional show narration from someone who apparently lost their job that day). It was the night before Halloween and everyone was well lubricated.

At the end of the show, I was able to walk on stage, into the wings and chat with Alex. An atttactive young lady came into view and Alex cocks an eyebrow and says “Thanks for coming, I have to take care of some business.”

OK audience recording and Alex’s band is really good…a full horn section joins a few songs in. Enjoyable listen if you’re a fan.

Warning: at minute 5 of Dalai Lama there is tape damage that lasts for several minutes until the end of the song.

January 6, 2016 at 1:28 am Edit

Thanks a lot for the re-up.
Here’s the set, with 2 corrected song titles
#7 and 9, the artists who originally recorded the songs and the times for each of the songs

Alex Chilton

Variety Arts Center Los Angeles, CA October 30, 1987
VG audience recording

Alex Chilton – Beale Street Green

Big Star & Alex Chilton Solo
Beale Street Green
(Liberated Boot. In Memory of Alex Chilton 1950 – 2010.)

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Track Listing

001 Another Time, Another Place, And You 2:31 (Instrumental outtake from #1 Record)
002 Don’t Lie To Me 3:29 1974
003 Back Of A Car 2:59 1974
004 O My Soul 5:34 1974
005 Mod Lang 2:37 1974
006 She’s A Mover 3:56 1974
007 September Gurls 3:23 1974
008 Out In The Street 3:23 1974
009 You Get What You Deserve 3:38 1974
010 My Rival 2:56 1977
011 She Might Look My Way 2:23 1977
012 Windows Hotel 2:43 1977
013 Can’t Seem To Make You Mine 3:16 1977
014 Shakin’ The World 3:13 1977
015 All The Time 3:03 1977
016 Tennis Bum 2:52 1978
017 Marshall Law 1:23 1978
018 Train Kept A Rollin’/ Mona 6:49 1978

019 Surfer Girl 3:29 1980 (Sam Phillips Studios outtake)
020 Baron Of Love (Part 1) 2:25 1980 (Like Flies On Sherbert outtake)
021 Baron Of Love (Part 2) 4:05 1980 (Like Flies On Sherbert outtake)
022 September Gurls 2:47 1977 (Live at the Ocean Club, NYC, with the DB’s)

Track 001 (Instrumental outtake from #1 Record)
Tracks 002 – 009 are WLIR rehearsals
Tracks 010 – 015 are Elektra demos
Tracks 016 – 018 are Peter Holsapple sessions 1978-79
Tracks 019 – 022 are labeled respectively to their sources

*** 2) In The Street 2:59 (Single version.)
*** Commercially released and removed from this torrent

From the original uploader:
As alluded to, here is the 1997 Sykodisc Bootleg “Beale Street Green”. The tracks have been renumbered with #2 to exclude the single version of “In the Street”. More Alex and Big Star for all.

Alex Chilton – Rotterdam, The Netherlands (10/12/85)

Alex Chilton
Pandora’s Music Box Festival
De Doelen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
October 12, 1985

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1. DJ intro (0:18)
2. Tee Ni Nee Ni Noo / Tip On In (5:18)
3. The Letter (2:40)
4. Save Your Love For Me (Buddy Johnson; also performed by Bobby Bland, Etta Jones, and many others) (5:40)
5. Rock Hard (2:50)
6. Bangkok (3:30)
7. Honkin’ Down The Highway (The Beach Boys) (cut short due to timelimits of the broadcast) (1:46)
8. DJ outro (0:22)

Total running time: 22 minutes and 24 seconds.

Taken from the Dutch VARA “Poppodium” FM radio broadcast, March 10, 1992.

Source and lineage (taped and transferred by Magnix): FM > Tape > WAV > FLAC level 8.

Used software: CDWave v1.94.5 > Cool Edit Pro v2.00 > CDWave v1.94.5 > FLAC v1.1.2 as build in Traders Little Helper v1.1.1 (build 90).

Another tape from the Magnix Live Archive.

Disclaimer from Magnix.
Please note that this is a real FM capture, no cable, but straight from the airwaves. Also, this comes from a tape that was almost 16 years old at the time of transferring. This means that some FM and/or tape anomalies or degeneration may be present. Most has been fixed to the best of my abilities and most of this stuff is of very good quality. This particular recording is of very good quality. MP3 samples will be provided upon request.