Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bright Eyes – Sydney, Australia (11/13/11)

Bright Eyes Radio City Music Hall 2011

Bright Eyes
November 13, 2011
Sydney, Australia

Download: FLAC/MP3

1. Four Winds
2. Jejune Stars
3. Take it Easy (Love Nothing)
4. Lover I Don’t Have to Love
5. Shell Games
6. Land Locked Blues
7. Cartoon Blues
8. Poison Oak
9. I Believe in Symmetry
10. Road to Joy.

Track Info: Harvest Festival, Parramatta Park, Sydney, NSW, AUS
Source Info: AUD > DAR > WAV > FLAC [CSC w/bass roll off > PCM M-10]

Mastering : 24 bit 44khz > Soundforge normalise, wind and audience noise reduction > Audacity Track split > 16 bit 44khz

Taper : Jason Weeks ; 5m from stage left of centre.

Sound Rating: 8.6 (B+)

Length: 51:12

Sound Comments/Faults?: Sounds good, but has some loud screams. Intermittent wind noise at times (significant wind noise during portions of Road to Joy) downgrades overall quality from A to B+. Detectable noise bleed from other stage during quiet parts.

Show Comments: Poison Oak, Land Locked Blues and Take it Easy are unique to Sydney Harvest. Shorter set due to technical issue.

Bootleg Bonanza: Bright Eyes – Basel, Switzerland (08/12/03)

bright eyes

Download MP3@192kps: mediafire

Bright Eyes
Basel, Switzerland

A Spindle, A Darkness, A Fever, And A Necklace
Method Acting
I Will Be Grateful For This Day. I Will Be Grateful For Each Day To Come
Lover I Don’t Have To Love
Old Soul Song
Poison Oak
The City Has Sex
Soon You’ll Be Leaving Your Man
Bowl Of Oranges
First Day Of My Life
Neely O’Hara
Road To Joy
You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will.
One Foot In Front Of The Other (Land Locked Blues)
June On The West Coast

I have no idea where I got this. I’ve been doing some cleaning up of my iTunes album titles and discovered that I hadn’t yet blogged about it. It must have been from some other bootleg blog since it has a low bit rate. Sound is good though for what it is.

Bootleg Bonanza: Bright Eyes (With Lou Reed + Gillian Welch) – New York (05/25/07)

bright eyes

Download MP3@192kps: Mediafire

Decent Audience Recording

Bright Eyes
Town Hall
New York, NY

Hot Knives
Make A Plan To Love Me
Four Winds
No One Would Riot For Less
I’m Waiting For The Man *
Dirty Blvd. *
First Day Of My Life
The Calendar Hung Itself
Soul Singer In A Session Band
Cleanse Song
Lime Tree
I Believe In Symmetry
Encore: Gold Mine Gutted
Look At Miss Ohio #
Lua #

*w/Lou Reed
#w/Gillian Welch & David Rawlings