Various Artists – Mountain View, CA (10/28/95)

Bridge Benefit
Mountain View, CA
Shoreline Amphitheater

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I have two sources for this show, one of them only has the Neil set. You can read the info here.

–Neil Young–
Comes A Time
Needle And The Damage Done
Heart Of Gold

Pay No Mind
Sleeping Bag
John Hardy
Hollow Log
One Foot In The Grave
It’s All In Your Mind

–Emmylou Harris & Daniel Lanois–
Orphan Girl
May This Be Love
Sweet Old World
You Don’t Miss Your Water
Jesus Wash Away My Troubles – How Far Am I From Canaan?
The Maker

–Bruce Springsteen–
Adam Raised A Cain
Sinola Cowboys
Point Blank
Don’t Want No More Of This Army Life
This Hard Land
The Ghost Of Tom Joad
Down By The River (w/ Neil)

–The Pretenders & The Duke String Quartet–
Sense Of Purpose
Back On The Chain Gang
Private Life
2000 Miles
Hymn To Her
Needle And The Damage Done
Brass In Pocket

–Hootie And The Blowfish–
Hannah Jane
Running From An Angel
Before The Heartache Rolls In
Let It Breathe
When I’m Lonely
Be The One

–Neil Young & Crazy Horse–
Look Out For My Love
Cortez The Killer
Tonight’s The Night
Rockin’ In The Free World

Bruce Springsteen – New Haven, CT (03/18/77)

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
featuring the Miami Horns
Veterans Memorial Coliseum
New Haven, CT
March 18, 1977

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“Official Audience Recording”
Nothing to Lose: The 1977 Tour Revisited Vol. Five
JEMS Archive

JEMS 2015 Transfers

Tracks 1-3: CB master cassette > Nakamichi CR-7A (azimuth adjustment) > Sound Devices USBPre 2 > Audacity 2.0 (24/96) capture > iZotope RX4 > Peak 6.0 with iZotope Ozone 5 > iZotope RX MBIT+ resample 16/44.1 > Peak Pro XT (edit / index) > xACT 2.21 > FLAC

Tracks 3-13: Low generation cassette > 1994 DAT > Fostex D-5 > Sound Devices UBSPre2 > iZtotope RX > pitch correction > iZotope Ozone and MBIT+ convert to 16/44.1 .wav > Peak Pro XT (volume smoothing / patch / edit / index) > xACT 2.21 > FLAC

01 Night
02 Don’t Look Back
03 Spirit in the Night
04 It’s My Life
05 Thunder Road
06 Mona > She’s the One
07 Tenth Avenue Freeze-out (w/ Miami Horns)
08 Action in the Streets (w/ Miami Horns)
09 Backstreets
10 Jungleland
11 Rosalita (w/Miami Horns)
12 Born to Run
13 Quarter to Three (w/ Miami Horns)

Known Faults:

  • Night: alternate source
  • Don’t Look Back: alternate source
  • Spirit In The Night: first 3:22 patched with alternate source
  • She’s The One: 18 seconds patched with alternate source

Welcome to the fifth chapter of JEMS’ Nothing to Lose series revisiting Bruce’s remarkable 1977 tour. For the full history of our obsession with this era and the back story on these “Official Audience Tapes,” please refer to the notes in Vol. One found here:

Installment No. 5 brings Springsteen to New Haven, Connecticut, as the tour settles into its final shows in the northeast, six of which are still to follow. For me, this is a period of near perfection in terms of the caliber of the performances and the sense of urgency that’s palpable in the recordings.

There may be only 13 songs in the set, but Bruce and the band are making every one of them count. My typical listening to material from ’77 has tended to focus on the unique songs, like “Action in the Streets” and “It’s My Life.” But in preparing this show, I was struck by just how good the “standard” songs are. Bruce sings “Spirit in the Night” and “Thunder Road” with every bit as much conviction as he does “Don’t Look Back,” and we all know how special “Backstreets” is every night in ’77. Fresh ears also picked out a lot of distinctive guitar work from Steve and Bruce that I felt I had never noticed before. “We tore it apart and put it together again” indeed.

New Haven is the final “official audience” source in the JEMS Archive. I consider it the best recording of the five, sounding just a bit closer, sharper and with better instrument separation than the previous four. It came to us from a different source than the first four (an insider, not a collector), so it may also be a generation to the good comparitively. But it is incomplete, joined in progress during “Spirit.”

Happily, our pal CB taped the show as well and loaned us his master cassettes. The CB source was previously released by Fanatic; we did a fresh transfer for this release. CB told me he taped from the back of the arena and it sounds like it, but the recording is still clear and fills in what’s missing from the better source to give us the complete New Haven show. Samples provided.

Special thanks yet again to: M and J from JEMS for pulling out our many versions of these DATs and helping make new transfers; to CB, one of “The Original Two” who got the whole Springsteen taping hobby started; the folks on the Stone Pony message board whose thread sparked this series; and to mjk5510 who takes our bits and bobs and gets them all pretty for you.

When the ’77 series returns, we’ll revisit Toronto, Detroit and Toledo, all from fresh master transfers. Until then, enjoy New Haven, and better still, add your thoughts about the show and the recording in the comments.


Neil Young – Wantagh, NY (06/14/89)

Neil Young
Jones Beach
Wantagh, NY
June 14, 1989

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I have two sources for this show, you can read the info here.

Stage Members:
Neil Young – vocals, guitar, banjo, keyboards, harmonica
Frank Sampedro – guitar. mandolin, vocals
Ben Keith – dobro, keyboards, vocals
Bruce Springsteen – guitar, vocals [encore]

01 My My, Hey Hey
02 Rockin’ In The Free World
03 Comes A Time
04 Sugar Mountain
05 Pocahontas
06 Helpless
07 Crime In The City
08 For The Turnstiles
09 This Old House
10 Roll Another Number
11 Too Far Gone [tape flip @ 0:48]
12 This Note’s For You
13 The Needle And The Damage Done
14 No More
15 After The Goldrush
16 Heart Of Gold
17 Ohio
18 Rockin’ In The Free World (Reprise)
19 Powderfinger
20 Down By The River w/Bruce Springsteen


Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA Outtakes

Bruce Springsteen
Unsatisfied Heart – Remastered Born In The U.S.A. Outtakes
Label: Ev2
Format: 2CD
Source: Studio
Date: 1982 – April 1984
Location: The Hit Factory / The Power Station, New York City, NY

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Disc 1:
01 Born In The U.S.A.
02 Murder Incorporated
03 Downbound Train
04 Glory Days
05 This Hard Land
06 My Love Will Not Let You Down
07 Johnny Bye Bye
08 Frankie
09 I’m Goin’ Down
10 Working On The Highway
11 I’m On Fire

12 Sugarland
13 Follow That Dream
14 Dont Back Down
15 One Love
16 Little Girl

Disc 2:
01 None But The Brave
02 Murder Incorporated #2
03 (Drop On Down And) Cover Me
04 Janey Don’t You Lose Heart
05 My Love Will Not Let You Down #2
06 Cynthia
07 Darlington County
08 Protection
09 TV Movie
10 County Fair

11 Shut Out The Light
12 Richfield Whistle
13 Fugitives Dream
14 Delivery Man
15 The Klansman
16 Unsatisfied Heart

Disc One (1) details:

Recording details:

  • Track 11 recorded at The Hit Factory, Feb 1982.
  • Tracks 1,3,4 recorded at The Hit Factory, March or April 1982.
  • Track 2 recorded at The Power Station, April or May 1982.
  • Track 10 recorded at The Hit Factory, April 1982.
  • Track 5 recorded at The Hit Factory, May 11, 1982.
  • Track 8 recorded at The Hit Factory, May 14, 1982.
  • Track 6 recorded at The Hit Factory, May 5, 1982.
  • Track 9 recorded at The Power Station, November 9th 1983.
  • Track 13 recorded at Thrill Hill West, LA, CA, January 30, 1983.
  • Track 14 recorded at Thrill Hill West, LA, CA, January 4, 1983.
  • Tracks 7,12,15,16 recorded at Thrill Hill West, mid Jan to mid Feb 1983.

Source details:

  • Tracks 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,11 from ‘This Hard Land’, BS2002
  • Tracks 9,12 from ‘Lost Masters XIX’, LOVE 019
  • Tracks 7,17 from ‘Lost Masters XVII’, LOVE 017
  • Tracks 14,15,16 from ‘Lost Masters XVI’, LOVE 016

Track descriptions:
01 Contains a different Springsteen vocal overdub and a very long, extended jam ending.
02 This track has the original Van Zandt background vocals.
03 Slighly different version / mix.
04 Unedited, contains an entire extra verse (about Bruceís dad) that was cut from the officially released version.
05 One of his finest studio performances. For some bizarre reason Springsteen & The E Street Band re-recorded the
song in 1995 and released that re-recording on ‘Greatest Hits’ ñ but it pales in comparison to this original.
06 Different mix than on the one released on ‘Tracks’.
07 Bruce borrowed the first two lines from Chuck Berryís song ìBye Bye Johnnyî (as well as the play on the title),
which is why itís registered as a Springsteen-Berry composition.
08 Originally recorded for “Darkness”, and recorded again here, this was considered for the ‘Greatest Hits’ collection but was finally dropped.
09 Full, unedited version that includes lyric changes and the complete raucous ending. This track runs nearly a full 1:30 longer than the released version.
10 Slighly different version / mix.
11 A bit longer version.
12 Beautiful keyboards by Danny and Roy augment some fine acoustic guitar playing by Bruce.
13 Presented in best-ever quality, this unreleased gem far eclipses any current circulated versions.
14 Unreleased studio outtake.
15 Wonderful tune with a killer chorus – note the bass line similar to the Human Touch B-side ’30 Days Out’
16 Short but energetic rocker.

‘Thrill Hill West’ is Springsteenís home studio in Los Angeles (aka ‘Hollywood Hills Garage Studio’)
Most band tracks are E Street Band backing versions from so-called ìelectric Nebraska sessionî

Disc Two (2) details:

Recording details:

  • Track 1 recorded at The Hit Factory, from the April-June 1983 sessions.
  • Track 3 PROBABLY recorded at The Hit Factory during Jan or early Feb 1982. May be from later.
  • Track 2 recorded at The Power Station, April or May 1982.
  • Track 4 recorded at The Hit Factory, June 16, 1983
  • Track 5 recorded at The Hit Factory, May 5, 1982.
  • Track 6 recorded at The Hit Factory, April 20, 1983.
  • Track 7 recorded at The Power Station during April or May 1982.
  • Track 8 recorded at The Hit Factory, Feb 1982.
  • Track 9 recorded at The Hit Factory, June 13, 1983.
  • Track 10 recorded at The Hit Factory, April or May 1983.
  • Tracks 11,13 recorded at Thrill Hill West, August 1982 through April 1983.
  • Tracks 12,14,16 recorded at Thrill Hill West, January through May 1983.
  • Track 15 recorded at Thrill Hill West, January 4, 1983.

Source details:

  • Tracks 1,2,3,4,5,6 from ‘Murder Incorporated’, FR03
  • Track 7 from ‘This Hard Land’, BS2002
  • Tracks 9,10 from ‘Lost Masters XIX’, LOVE 019
  • Tracks 14,16, from ‘Lost Masters XVII’, LOVE 017
  • Track 12 from ‘Lost Masters XVIII’, LOVE 018
  • Tracks 15,11,13 from ‘Lost Masters XVI’, LOVE 016
  • Track 8 from ‘Lost Masters IV’, LOVE 004

Track descriptions:
01 The original mix without the new (90’s) vocal track or the overdubbed second guitar on ‘The Essential BS’. One of my favourite tracks, too bad the sound quality is what it is.
02 Different mix permutation of the same core recording as #1.
03 Completely different recording than the released ‘Cover Me’ done in a dramatically different arrangement.
This may actually date from a later period in the sessions than the original ‘Cover Me’.
04 Same core recording as on ‘Tracks’, but has a much longer fade out (very nice) and features Steve Van Zandt on background vocals and guitar.
05 Different mix permutation of the same core recording as #1.
06 Different mix than on the one released on ‘Tracks’.
07 Includes slightly different lyrics and an alternate beginning and ending.
08 This song was given to Donna Summer, who was recording an album at the time at the same studio.
Summerís cover version (with Springsteen on guitar) was recorded in March 1982 (released Aug 82).
Bruce and Donna also recorded a duet vocal version at her sessions ñ it remains uncirculating.
09 Original mix with the saxophone track (deleted on ‘Tracks’).
10 Features Ruth Jackson on background vocals. Possibly recorded at the same session as ‘My Hometown’ (which also features Jackson).
11 By far the definitive version of this song ñ contains an additional, important lyric verse that has been cut from all the other versions.
12 Brilliant song that developed from a 1981-82 work-in-progress composition called ‘James Lincoln Dear’
13 Unreleased studio outtake.
14 Unreleased studio outtake.
15 Compelling song. Features a dark, brooding beat that mirrors the disturbing nature of the lyrics. A nice vocal performance here and we’re left wondering what possessed him to write this one.
16 Add this to the ever expanding list of Bruce’s greatest unreleased songs. A man surveys his life and wonders if he can ever escape the demons of his past.

  • ‘Thrill Hill West’ is Springsteenís home studio in Los Angeles (aka ‘Hollywood Hills Garage Studio’).
  • Most band tracks are E Street Band backing versions from so-called ìelectric Nebraska sessionî

OK, so I had already done the ‘Born To Run’, ‘Darkness’ & ‘The River’ outtakes, most BITUSA outtake bootlegs only have 1cd
and don’t include as many different tracks as I’d like to. So I just tried to add all important tracks to the same boot.
I know, not every outtake is included and that wasn’t my intention either.

The first disc is supposed to be the original track listing of ‘Murder Incorporated’, the never-released 1983 album which was
(as you can see/hear) a lot darker than ‘Born In The U.S.A.’ Also included are the 5 b-sides Bruce had intended to use. (SEE BELOW)

When burning this compilation, make sure you burn it DAO – without the 2 seconds gaps between each track.

Big thanks to a few people on SPL (reidneile, jumpstone) – I hope you all enjoy this.
This one’s dedicated to ‘richr’ and all his friends over at ‘Thunder Road’.

Thanks to brucebase & for some of the song descriptions.

By July 1983 Springsteen was in the final stages of mixing and track selection for the album. There was talk of a pre-Christmas release.
There was certainly no shortage of outstanding material to pick from. A document exists from mid 1983 revealing Springsteenís selection for the BITUSA album,
as well his selections for b-sides. It was as follows:

b-side / SUGARLAND
b-side / DONíT BACK DOWN
b-side / ONE LOVE

Bruce Springsteen – Dublin, Ireland (05/05/06)

Bruce Springsteen
Silent T – The Seeger Sessions in Dublin
Point Depot
Dublin, Ireland

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

CD-R (taper, equipment unknown) > CDEX > FLAC

Here, somewhat belatedly, is the first European show, and arguably the first show of the tour proper.

I was there and it was an amazing show, real fun, with a very eager audience.

The title is a reference to the correct pronunciation of “McGrath”. He explains how he was chastised about this in the intro, which is at the end of the track with ‘My Oklahoma Home’. The pronunciation regressed on the subsequent BBC concert, so while the setlist may not be unique, this show may be only one with him getting that surname right!

The sound quality is ok, but could do with some improvement. Rather than fiddle with it, I have left this exactly as on the CD-Rs, so someone with better software and mixing skills will have an untainted source. If someone would like to do a remix, here are some areas in need of attention:

  • The volume level is low and need normalising.
  • May need more bass.
  • There is some hiss on ‘s’ sounds, I noticed this on ‘My City of Ruins’

01 – O Mary Don’t You Weep
02 – John Henry
03 – Johnny 99
04 – Old Dan Tucker
05 – Eyes on the Prize
06 – Jesse James
07 – Adam Raised a Cain
08 – Erie Canal
09 – My Oklahoma Home
10 – Mrs. McGrath
11 – How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?
12 – Jacob’s Ladder
13 – We Shall Overcome
14 – Open All Night
15 – Pay Me My Money Down
16 – My City of Ruins
17 – Buffalo Gals
18 – You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
19 – When the Saints Go Marching In

Bruce Springsteen – Philadelphia, PA (09/25/99)

Bruce Springsteen

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive


  4. TWO HEARTS 03:14
  5. ATLANTIC CITY 06:52
  6. FACTORY 03:54
  7. POINT BLANK 08:25
  8. YOUNGSTOWN 06:23
  10. BADLANDS 07:20
  11. OUT IN THE STREET 07:13
  13. SHERRY DARLING 07:21
  16. LIGHT OF DAY 12:31


  1. JUNGLELAND 10:57
  2. BORN TO RUN 06:10


  1. THUNDER ROAD 06:31
  4. RAISE YOUR HAND 05:34

Bruce Springsteen – Lead vocals, guitar, harmonica; Roy Bittan – Piano, keyboards; Clarence Clemons – Tenor and baritone saxophones, percussion, backing vocal; Danny Federici – Organ, keyboards; Nils Lofgren – Guitar, pedal steel, backing vocal; Patti Scialfa – Guitar, percussion, backing vocal; Garry Tallent – Bass; Stevie Van Zandt – Electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, backing vocal; Max Weinberg – Drums
Recorded by Toby Scott and Ross Petersen
Mixed by Jon Altschiller from multi-track digital masters; Additional engineering by Danielle Warman
Mastered by Jon Altschiller
Post Production by Brad Serling and Micah Gordon
Art Design by Michelle Holme; Cover Photo by Danny Clinch
Tour Director: George Travis
Jon Landau Management: Jon Landau, Barbara Carr, Jan Stabile, Alison Oscar

Various Artists – Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan, Volume 12

Various Artists
Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan, Vol. 12: Sad Eyed Ladies and Wanted Men (Version 2)

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Note for version 2: Well, that was quick. Apparently, the version of “Baby Blue” I included was officially released, so here’s a different, later one, followed by the same track list as before. Hopefully, this one will fly.

Original notes: OK folks, here’s the latest and greatest from the NSD Laboratories. I count seven new songs that have not appeared in previous volumes, and eight new artists. The rest, of course, are new combinations of ingredients we’ve used before. For those of you who’ve asked: I don’t know how many more volumes there will be–I’ll keep ’em coming til I run out of covers or time.

Here’s a repeat request from last time: can anyone get me a lossless version of Bruce Springsteen’s beautiful rendition of “Forever Young” from the John Hammond memorial show? I’d love to include it in a later volume of this series. And somebody out there (Persic, perhaps?) must have the John Wesley Harding-hosted KCRW special “Oh Merci!” from 1993–share it please!

That’s it for now. Please keep the suggestions and files coming! As always, thanks to the tapers, the original uploaders, the folks who’ve sent me recordings, the fine artists who’ve created cover artwork, and especially the performers and composer. Due to the many different sources, I am not including lineages. I have done nothing to the original files but normalize the levels and fade in and out on each track (using Cool Edit). Enjoy!

01 It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
Grateful Dead (Apr 14, 1984, Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA)
02 Go ‘Way Little Boy
Lone Justice (Jan 25, 1985, The Stone, San Francisco, CA)
03 Wanted Man
Jon Langford (Mar 19, 2004, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL)
04 Mississippi
Donna the Buffalo (Sep 18, 2004, Neighborhood Theatre, Charlotte NC)
05 Blind Willie McTell
Tom Russell and Barrence Whitfield (Jan 25, 1995, Johnny D’s, Somerville, MA)
06 Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)
Calexico (Dec 8, 2006, Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA)
07 Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues
Robyn Hitchcock and the Minus 5 (Jul 10, 2006, Dingwalls, London)
08 Most Likely You Go Your Way and I Go Mine
Black Crowes (Oct 25, 2005, The Fillmore, Denver CO)
09 License to Kill – The Waterboys (Feb 19 1984, Batschkapp Club, Frankfurt, Germany)
10 Chimes of Freedom
McGuinn, Hillman and Clark (Sep 9, 1979, Calderone Theater, Long Island, NY)
11 Buckets of Rain
Phil Lesh and Friends with Joan Osborne (Feb 12, 2006, Beacon Theater, New York, NY)
12 Spanish Harlem Incident
Yonder Mountain String Band (Oct 6, 2005, Showbox, Seattle, WA)
13 Wallflower
Buddy and Julie Miller (May 28, 2000, Camp Mather, Yosemite, CA)
14 Paths of Victory
Cat Power (May 14, 1999, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA)
15 Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands
The Walkabouts (Jan 19, 2001, Experience Music Project, Seattle, WA)
16 Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
Bruce Springsteen and Wolfgang Niedecken (Jul 9, 1995 Cafe Eckstein, Berlin, Germany)
17 If You Gotta Go, Go Now
Cowboy Junkies (Apr 30, 1989, Berklee Performance Center, Boston, MA)

Jackson Browne – New York, NY (03/16/04)

Jackson Browne & Friends
Beacon Theatre
New York, NY
March 16, 2004

Download FLAC: Google Drive

Source : DPA (B&K) 4022s > Lunatec V3 @ 16/44.1 > Sony D100

Editing : Soundforge (volume adjustment) > Wave > TLH (SB’s aligned) Flac level 8

Traders Den – March 3, 2019
posted by kingrue upload 1836

With special guests Vonda Sheppard, Marc Cohn, Scott Thurston, Danny Kortchmar and Bruce Springsteen!

The band:
Jackson Browne : guitar, vocals
Kevin McCormick : bass
Mark Goldenberg : guitars
Val McCallum : guitars
Mauricio “Fritz” Lewak : drums and percussion
Jeff Young : keyboards, background vocals
Katherine Russell : background vocals

Some of the louder songs are slightly brickwalled, but it’s not too bad. The sound quality is very good.

Check samples for quality

Set list:
01 The Night Inside Me
02 Fountain of Sorrow
03 The Barricades of Heaven
04 Casino Nation
05 Everywhere I Go (w/Vonda Shepard)
06 For Taking The Trouble
07 banter
08 Lives In The Balance
09 These Days
10 The Naked Ride Home
11 My Stunning Mystery Companion
12 Farther On
13 banter
14 Late For The Sky
15 Introduces Marc Cohn
16 Don’t You Want To Be There (w/Marc Cohn)
17 In The Shape Of A Heart
18 Your Bright Baby Blues
19 Doctor My Eyes
20 Somebody’s Baby (false start)
21 Somebody’s Baby (w/Scott Thurston & Danny Kortchmar)
22 The Pretender (w/Scott Thurston & Danny Kortchmar)
23 Running On Empty (w/Scott Thurston & Danny Kortchmar)
24 Culver Moon
25 Take It Easy (w/Bruce Springsteen)

Total Time = 02:32:02


Bruce Springsteen – Syracuse, NY (01/26/85)

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Carrier Dome
Syracuse, NY
January 26, 1985

Download FLAC: File Factory

Thanks to The Accountant for this show.

Total Time: 3 hours 4 minutes 40 seconds

Transfer & Generation Info: Tapes 1 & 2 Maxel XL II High Position D90, Tape Tape 3 BASF CR-E II 90 Tape (Unknown Generation)
-> Cool Edit Pro 2.0 -> Wav -> CDWav (Track Splits) -> Flac (Level 8, Align on SB, Verify)

01 Born In The USA (5:57)
02 Out In The Street (5:36)
03 Darlington County (6:23)
04 Johnny 99 (4:03)
05 Atlantic City (5:01)
06 Reason To Believe (7:34)
07 Shut Out The Light (5:44)
08 Johnny Bye Bye (5:17)
09 Prove It All Night (5:54)
10 Glory Days (9:47)
11 The Promised Land (6:02)
12 Intro (3:53)
13 My Hometown (5:16)
14 Trapped (4:58)
15 Badlands (6:58)
16 Cover Me (6:16)
17 Dancing In The Dark (5:44)
18 Hungry Heart (4:59)
19 Cadillac Ranch (7:57)
20 Downbound Train (4:36)
21 No Surrender (6:21)
22 I’m On Fire (3:45)
23 Pink Cadillac (9:13)
24 Bobby Jean (4:22)
25 Racing In The Street (13:14)
26 Can’t Help Falling In Love (3:51)
27 Born To Run (4:40)
28 I’m A Rocker (3:57)
29 Ramrod (5:51)
30 Thunder Road (5:50)
31 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (5:41)


A little distant, a lot of talking, singing near to the taper.
Drop-outs throughout.
Bad edit – 14 Trapped => 15 Badlands