Daily Bootleg Links: Calexico – Denmark 2000, Queen – Live BBC 1973, John Lennon – Plastic Ono Band (1968-1970)

I’ve decided to start my break early. We leave for Europe this coming Thursday. That leaves me a few days to upload some shows, but between packing and making sure everything is taken care of I figure worrying about uploading will be more stress than I care for.

Also I want to practice updating the blog without uploading shows before we go. I hope to continue posting interesting links while I’m away. The Daily Links should continue more or less as usual (which is to say not daily, but fairly regular.) I’m also hoping to throw in some youtube clips, and maybe a few MP3s that I think are cool. Basically the plan is to add content by adding links to various other places that have cool music.

I’m also hoping to be more active on my Facebook page (and if you are not already a friend, just click on the link in the sidebar. I am on Twitter too, where I’m also hoping to add various thing of interest.

The idea here is that I will be adding links to the blog, Facebook page and Twitter but usually not the same ones. So maybe I’ll add a link to a cool cover song on my Twitter, a video to my Facebook and link to bootlegs on my blog.

Maybe that’s really obnoxious, I don’t know, but it seems like the thing to do on the Internet these days – interact with readers in a variety of ways. Of course my plans often go awry so who knows what will actually happen. Of course I’ll still be doing a lot of traveling (in fact probably about 1/2 of my time in Europe will be spent on the road (or train track as the case may be)) and thus my time to do anything is limited.

So cross your fingers that I’ll still be posting a variety of things, and please do comment, befriend and tweet me. And if you have some interesting shows you want me to share, or find some cool links yourself, please send them my way. Anyways here’s a few links for today.

Denmark 2000
DownloadMP3@Beehive Candy

Live BBC 1973
Download MP3@RockRockBlog

John Lennon
Plastic Ono Band [1968-1970]