Bootleg Bonanza: Conor Oberst – Live in Zurich, Switzerland (05/09/08)

conor oberst

Conor Oberst
Zurich, Switzerland

I no longer have this show and I cannot find it anywhere online. If you have it and want to share it please let me know.

Eagle on a Pole
Cape Canaveral
Central City
I Gotta Reason
Danny Calahan
Lenders in the Temple
NYC – Gone, Gone
Souled Out
Milk Thistle
Everybody’s Talkin
Corina, Corina
I Don’t Wanna Die (In a Hospital)

I caught Conor Oberst with his Mystic Valley Band a couple of months ago and I kept promising to write a review.  Well, I think I broke that promise, but I’m now posting  a show of his, so that ought to count for something.  I really, really dig his latest solo album, and if I ever get around to writing my favorite albums of 2008 it will most certainly be on it.  Conor is really showing a maturity in his writing and it is truly quite something to see (and hear.)

He’s a lot more chatty in this bootleg than he was at my show.  I kind of suspected at the time that he was tired of being on the road and not particularly excited to be playing Tulsa.  He certainly didn’t talk much, or show much joyful emotion.  Though it was a really good show.  Here he talks quite a bit and seems to be having more fun. Plus he covers “Everybody’s Talkin'” and that’s just cool.

Bootleg Bonanza: m. ward, Jim James and Conor Oberst – Live in 2004

I’ve been really enjoying giving away some free music around here, but the truth is it is very time consuming and kind of a pain in the butt.  See, I have to sort through hundreds of e-mails, listen to even more songs, find the ones I like, then download them/record them, upload them and then post them.  For the most part I dig it because I find some cool tunes, but does get tiresome.  I’m still going to try to do it a couple of times a week, but I have now decided to do something else.

I’m a huge bootlegged concert fan, and I have a pretty large (and ever expanding) collection.  I’ve written a number of reviews and hope to continue to do so.  In fact I’d really like to make this site a much more bootleg friendly thing, but I have to not be so lazy for that to happen, and we all know how much I like being lazy.

Anyways, it is pretty easy to find a couple of bootleg tracks I like and post them to the site, so that’s what I’m doing.  I even gave it a goofy little name – Bootleg Bonanza – and will try to continually upload some cool live songs from time to time.

First up is a concert from 2004 featuring m ward, Jim James and Conor Oberst.  Apparently they did a gig together where the three of them played separately, and solo, and then did a few songs together in the end.  Good stuff all around.

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