Bootleg Bonanza: Elliott Smith – Unreleased Studio Recordings

Download MP3@256kps: Part I, Part II

Elliott Smith
Unreleased Studio Recordings

Crazy Fucker
Now You Wanna Show Me How
No More
Taking a Fall
I Figured You Out (Mary Lou Lord on vocals)
Sorry My Mistake (instrumental)
No Life
A Silver Chain (instrumental)
Brand New Game
Tiny Time Machine
Stained Glass Eyes
Dancing on the Highway (the roost)
Mr. Goodmorning (instrumental)
[instrumental 2]
Everything’s Okay
From a Poison Well
True Love
See You in Heaven
Let’s Turn the Record Over

Bootleg Bonanza: Elliott Smith – Live Covers

Download MP3@ various bit rates: Megaupload

The quality of these songs is often fairly terrible both in the bitrate and actual recording levels, and I don’t think its a complete set, but its kind of cool to hear Smith cover these songs. You can find a bunch more covers here.

Isn’t it a Pity (George Harrison cover)
Nightime (Big Star cover)
These Days (Nico Cover)
Thirteen (Big Star Cover)
I Me Mine (Beatles Cover)
Chelsea Girls (Nico Cover)
Harvest Moon (Neil Young Cover)
Care of Cell 44 (Zombies Cover)
Revolution (Beatles Cover)
A Place to Stay (Ween Cover)

Bootleg Bonanza: Elliott Smith – B-Sides & Others

Download MP3@Various bit rates (some are ridiculously low, but a fun set nonetheless): Megaupload

Elliott Smith
B-Side & Others

Baby Britain (Instrumental)
Baby Britain (Remix)
between the bars
Concrete Jungle (Bob Marley Cover)
Everything’s Okay
Figure 8
I Didn’t Understand (Accoustic)
Let’s Get Lost
A Living Will
Miss Misery
Miss Misery (Piano version)
No Confidence Man
See You Later
Stickman (Alternate Version)
Thirteen (Big Star Cover)
Yeti Zine Comp – Angel In The Snow
The Enemy Is You
I Can’t Answer You Anymore
Bottle Up And Explode (Demo)
Our Thing
Happiness (Acoustic)
How to Take a Fall