Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: John Lennon – It’s Gonna Be Alright


John Lennon
It’s Gonna Be Alright
Yellow Dog Masters Choice

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Source: Silver CD > EAC > Flac Frontend > You

CD 1
1. Mother [alternate mix with alternate vocal and longer fade] 5:02
2. Hold On [take 1] 3:13
3. Hold On [take 2] 2:52
4. I Found Out [rough ëcarl wolfí mix] 3:57
5. Working Class Hero [censored version] 3:47
6. Remember [take unknown] 0:50
7. Remember [take unknown] 3:21
8. Itíll Be Me [improvisation] 1:17
9. Love [acoustic guitar rehearsal] 1:19
10. (Youíre So Square) Baby I Donít Care [improvisation] 0:24
11. Love [acoustic guitar/piano rehearsal] 0:40
12. Well, Well, Well [rough mix] 5:54
13. Look At Me [rough mix] 2:51
14. God [acoustic guitar demo] 3:42
15. God [acoustic home demo] 2:11
16. My Mummyís Dead [complete acoustic guitar demo] 1:15
17. Hold On [unknown up-tempo take] 1:05
18. Hold On [take 30] 1:00
19. Hold On [instrumental take unknown] 2:15
20. Hold On [take unknown] 1:55
21. Love [acoustic guitar rehearsal] 2:40
22. Love [acoustic guitar rehearsal] 2:03
23. Love [acoustic guitar rehearsal] 2:29
24. Love [acoustic guitar rehearsal] 1:29

CD 2
1. Love [piano rehearsal] 1:09
2. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 1] 4:02
3. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 2] 3:02
4. Love [improvisation] 0:41
5. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 14] 1:33
6. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 15] 3:18
7. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 16] 3:58
8. Love [acoustic guitar/piano takes 17 & 18] 1:26
9. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 19] 3:09
10. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 20] 1:09
11. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 21] 3:12
12. Love [acoustic guitar/piano takes 21 & 22] 0:40
13. Love [acoustic guitar/piano take 23] 3:13
14. Hold On [take 3] 1:52
15. Hold On [take 4] 2:17
16. Hold On [take 5] 1:52
17. Hold On [take 6] 2:48
18. Hold On [take unknown] 3:33
19. Hold On [take unknown] 0:55
20. Hold On [take unknown] 1:54
21. Hold On [take unknown] 1:52
22. Hold On [take unknown] 2:04
23. Look At Me [take unknown] 0:48
24. Hold On [take unknown] 1:52
25. Hold On [take unknown] 1:53
26. Hold On [take unknown] 2:05
27. Hold On [take unknown] 2:27

Summary: Full artwork, EAC log file and .cue file included.

Outtakes from the first solo album.
First disc has an alternate version of the album plus outtakes of Love, Hold On John and Remember.
Second disc has outtakes of Hold On John and Love.
Beautiful packaging in an extra large 14 x 16 cm hardback book with 20 full color pages.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Elton John – New York, NY (11/28/74)


Elton John
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

Links removed.  Show has been officially released.

Funeral For A Friend/ Love Lies Bleeding
Rocket Man
Take Me to the Pilot
Bennie and the Jets
Grey Seal
You’re so Static
Whatever Gets You Through the Night*
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds*
I Saw Her Standing There*
Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me
Your Song
The Bitch is Back

* w/John Lennon, his last public performance

Bootleg Bonanza: John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Have You Had Your Breakfast Yet? (06/8/71)

john lennon have you had your breakfast yet

Download MP3@320kps: Mediafire

John Lennon & Yoko Ono
Live on WPLJ-FM

Source: “Have You Had Your Breakfast Yet?” (Black Cat BC 038).

1. Meeting Celebrities
2. We’ve Got Until Tuesday
3. A Lot Of Chopped Heads
4. I Wouldn’t Have Missed Any Of It
5. Let’s Play A Record
6. Caller One
7. Shut Up, You Bitch!
8. My Mummy’s Dead/Don’t Worry
9. There’s Two Books
10. That Apple Jazz
11. That Was One In Ten
12. Mother/Why
13. Any Sound Is Interesting
14. A Very Healthy Thing
15. A Typical Couple
16. Caller Two
17. A Summons In The Morning
18. Caller Three
19. Donating To The Wildlife Fund
20. Caller Four
21. Caller Five
22. Expectations
23. Caller Six
24. Grapefruit Reading
25. Caller Seven
26. Caller Eight
27. Caller Nine
28. Caller Ten
29. The Other Solo Albums
30. Caller Eleven
31. Caller Twelve
32. Caller Thirteen
33. Unreleased Beatles Material
34. The Village Scene

Daily Bootleg Links: Calexico – Denmark 2000, Queen – Live BBC 1973, John Lennon – Plastic Ono Band (1968-1970)

I’ve decided to start my break early. We leave for Europe this coming Thursday. That leaves me a few days to upload some shows, but between packing and making sure everything is taken care of I figure worrying about uploading will be more stress than I care for.

Also I want to practice updating the blog without uploading shows before we go. I hope to continue posting interesting links while I’m away. The Daily Links should continue more or less as usual (which is to say not daily, but fairly regular.) I’m also hoping to throw in some youtube clips, and maybe a few MP3s that I think are cool. Basically the plan is to add content by adding links to various other places that have cool music.

I’m also hoping to be more active on my Facebook page (and if you are not already a friend, just click on the link in the sidebar. I am on Twitter too, where I’m also hoping to add various thing of interest.

The idea here is that I will be adding links to the blog, Facebook page and Twitter but usually not the same ones. So maybe I’ll add a link to a cool cover song on my Twitter, a video to my Facebook and link to bootlegs on my blog.

Maybe that’s really obnoxious, I don’t know, but it seems like the thing to do on the Internet these days – interact with readers in a variety of ways. Of course my plans often go awry so who knows what will actually happen. Of course I’ll still be doing a lot of traveling (in fact probably about 1/2 of my time in Europe will be spent on the road (or train track as the case may be)) and thus my time to do anything is limited.

So cross your fingers that I’ll still be posting a variety of things, and please do comment, befriend and tweet me. And if you have some interesting shows you want me to share, or find some cool links yourself, please send them my way. Anyways here’s a few links for today.

Denmark 2000
DownloadMP3@Beehive Candy

Live BBC 1973
Download MP3@RockRockBlog

John Lennon
Plastic Ono Band [1968-1970]

Bootleg Bonanza: John Lennon – Mind Games Sessions

Download MP3@192kps: Part I, Part II

John Lennon
Mind Games Sessions

CD 1
1. Mind Games
2. Tight A$
3. Tight A$
4. Tight A$
5. Aisumasen (I”m Sorry)
6. Aisumasen (I’m Sorry)
7. One Day (At A Time)
8. One Day (At A Time)
9. One Day (At A Time)
10. Bring On The Lucie (Freda People)
11. Bring On The Lucie (Freda People)
12. Intuition
13. Out The Blue
14. Out The Blue
15. Out The Blue
16. Only People
17. Only People
Set II
CD 2
1. I Know(I Know)
2. I Know(I Know)
3. I Know(I Know)
4. I Know(I Know)
5. I Know(I Know)
6. Here You Are
7. Here You Are
8. Meat City
9. Rock ‘N’ Roll People
10.Rock ‘N’ Roll People
11.Rock ‘N’ Roll People
12.Rock ‘N’ Roll People
13.Rock ‘N’ Roll People
Bonus Tracks
14. Mind Games
15. Meat City
16. Radio Spot#1
17. Radio Spot#2

Bootleg Bonanza: John Lennon – Come On, Listen To Me

Download MP3@192kps: Part I, Part II, Part III

John Lennon – C’mon Listen To Me
Outtakes and Demos Original Cellar Dweller 2 CD SET
STU -192 kbps

01 – Going Down On Love (Rehearsal)
02 – Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Overdub On Take 7)
03 – Old Dirt Road (Rehearsal)
04 – What You Got (Alternate Take)
05 – Bless You (Rehearsal With False Start)
06 – Scared (Rehearsal)
07 – #9 Dream (Promo Edit)
08 – Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox) (Rehearsal)
09 – Steel And Glass (Rehearsal)
10 – Beef Jerky (Rehearsal)
11 – Nobody Loves You (When You’re Down And Out) (Rehearsal)

Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
12 to 20 – Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Take Unknown)

Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Part 2)
21 – Ain’t She Sweet (Improvisation)
22 to 32 – Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Take Unknown)
33 – Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Take 10)
34 – Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Take 11)
35 – Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Takes 12 & 13)
36 – Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Take 14)
37 – Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Take 15)
38 – Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Take 16 & 17)
39 – Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Take 18 )
40 – Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Take Unknown)
41 – Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Take Unknown)

Walls And Bridges Outtakes
42 – Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Alternate Take)
43 – Move Over Ms – L (Rehearsal With False Start)
44 – Bless You (Alternate Take)
45 – Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Rehearsal)
46 – Beef Jerky (Alternate Take)
47 – Move Over Ms – L (Alternate Take)
48 – Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Rough Mix)

Bootleg Bonanza: John Lennon & Paul McCartney – A Toot & A Snore '74

Download MP3@128kps: Megaupload

John Lennon & Paul McCartney
A Toot And A Snore ’74
The only known recording session between Lennon & McCartney after the Beatles break-up. For more information go here, and here.

1. A Toot and a Snore
2. Bluesy Jam
3. Studio Talk
4. Lucille
5. Nightmares
6. Stand By Me
7. Stand By Me
8. Stand By Me
9. Medley:
Chain Gang
Take This Hammer

Bootleg Bonanza: John Lennon – Imagine Sessions

Download MP3@320kps: Part I, Part II

John Lennon
Imagine Sessions

1 Imagine (alternate Take)
2 Crippled Inside (alternate Take)
3 Jealous Guy (alternate Take)
4 It’s So Hard (alternate Take)
5 I Don’t Want To Be A Soldier (alternate Take)
6 Give Me Some Truth (alternate Take)
7 Oh, My Love (alternate Take)
8 How Do You Sleep (alternate Take)
9 How (alternate Take)
10 Oh! Yoko (alternate Take)
11 Jam (session Outtake)
12 How Do You Sleep (rehearsal)
13 Oh, My Love (version Two)
14 I’m The Greatest (demo)
15 Well (baby Please Don’t Go) (session Outtake)
16 How Do You Sleep (low Vocal)
17 Imagine (solo Piano)
18 San Francisco Bay Blues (solo Acoustic)

Bootleg Bonanza: John Lennon – Let's Have A Party

Download MP3@192ksp: Megaupload
Covers: front, back

A very peculiar disk. Apparently Lennon thew a party and somebody recorded it. The quality is fairly terrible and the songs aren’t played particularly well, but its kind of fun none-the-less.

John Lennon & Friends
Let’s Have a Party
Syracuse, NY
October 9, 1971

John Lennon
Yoko Ono
Ringo Starr
Phil Spector
Eric Clapton
Klaus Voorman
Allen Ginsberg
Jim Keltner
Mal Evans
Neil Aspinall

1. What’d I Say
2. Yellow Submarine
3. On Top Of Old Smokey
4. Goodnight Irene
5. He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands
6. Like A Rolling Stone/Twist And Shout/Louie Louie/La Bamba
7. Bring It On Home To Me
8. Yesterday
9. Tandoori Chicken
10. Power To The People
11. Maybe Baby
12. Peggy Sue
13. My Baby Left Me
14. Blue Suede Shoes
15. Crippled Inside
16. Give Peace A Chance
17. Crippled Inside
18. Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey
19. Happy Birthday
20. Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey
21. My Sweet Lord

Bootleg Bonanza: John Lennon – Walls & Bridges Sessions

Download MP3@192kps: Megaupload

John Lennon
Walls & Bridges Sessions

More info, including covers can be found here.

1. Going Down On Love
2. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
3. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
4. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
5. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
6. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
7. Old Dirt Road
8. What You Got
9. Bless You
10. Bless You
11. Scared
12. #9 Dream
13. Surprise,Surprise(Sweet Bird Of Paradox)
14. Steel And Glass
15. Beef Jerky
16. Nobody Loves You(When You’re Down And Out)
17. Move Over Ms. L
18. Move Over Ms. L
19. Move Over Ms. L
20. Ain’t She Sweet
21. Old Dirt Road
22. #9 Dream
23. Steel And Glass
24. Bless You
25. Move Over Ms. L
26. Scared
27. Surprise,Surprise(Sweet Bird Of Paradox)
28. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
29. Going Down On Love
30. Nobody Loves You(When You’re Down And Out)
31. What You Got
32. What You Got
33. What You Got
34. Old Dirt Road
35. Steel And Glass
36. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Bonus Track)
37. What You Got (Bonus Track)
38. #9 Dream (Bonus Track)
39. #9 Dream (Bonus Track)
40. TV Spot (Bonus Track)
41. Radio Spot Spot #1 (Bonus Track)
42. Radio Spot Spot #2 (Bonus Track)