Electric Light Orchestra – Osaka, Japan (02/23/78)

Electric Light Orchestra
February 23, 1978
Unknown Venue
Osaka, Japan

Download FLAC: Google Drive

Source: Unknown Audience cassette-> DAT @ 44.1khz-> CD Wave-> Samplitude-> CD-> FLAC

Disc 1

1. Fire on High
2. Night in the City
3. Turn to Stone
4. Eldorado Overture->
5. Can’t Get it Out of My Head
6. Cello Solo
7. Tightrope
8. Rockaria!
9. Violin Solo

Disc 2

10. Strange Magic
11. Showdown
12. Sweet Talkin’ Woman
13. Evil Woman
14. Livin’ Thing
15. Do You->
16. Ma Ma Ma Belle
17. Roll Over Beethoven

Summary from original uploader:

Forward: Being that the only ELO show I’ve seen on this site is a 1990’s non-Jeff Lynne era recording, I felt it necessary to put forth a definitive and somewhat hard to find 1978 Out Of The Blue recording.

Having just been released, ELO’s 1978 Out Of The Blue, was the groups most commercially successful album to date and set in motion a string of worldwide tour dates, culminating in the band’s success of being labeled a “Supergroup” and playing before capacity audiences around the world – certainly the largest they had ever played. This show finds the boys in Osaka, Japan for a night of great music played to a high anticipation capacity crowd.

This is the period in the group’s career when everything began to break-out from a commercial standpoint. Some people prefer their earlier material as opposed to the later; I happen to love it all. However, one thing is for certain: ELO went from it’s more or less progressive rock roots in the early and mid-1970’s, to a full-fledged pop-rock act, complete with lasers and a giant UFO spaceship – which they performed in at all shows on the tour – in the latter half of the decade and straight through the 80’s.

This recording is somewhat rare its existence in that it is the lesser known of the only 2 known recordings to circulate from the Out Of The Blue tour. The other recording is London’s Wembley Arena (see below), which falls quite short in my opinion, from being considered a definitive example of the majestic sound ELO generated. The mix is most-sterile sounding until halfway through when it evens out. The thing that the London show really has going for it is that it’s a great performance, which the Osaka show is as well.

As many memorable Japanese rock concerts confirm from so many bands of that decade this is a very respectful audience. The crowd is “as good as it gets” for a rock concert of this scale back in the 70’s: they applaud between songs and remain quiet while their being played. There is a small amount of chatter by either the taper or someone close to them in a couple points in the show but it is between songs and in no way is distracting. The first time I listened to this recording, I was struck by how mellow the audience is between songs. I distinctly remember thinking to myself, “man, they must all be halfway sedated or something” because their so respectful. That’s the Japanese audiences back then. The vibe is not-at-all what you would hear at most shows in the U.S. back then. It’s real nice!

In terms of performance quality, the band is most definitely in top form – harmonies are tight, rhythm section is on and the band is most certainly enjoying themselves. In terms of overall sound quality, the taper is a little distant from the source; however, let that not be a limitation whatsoever. The band can be heard clearly with EVERY instrument and, in my humble opinion, I think the distance of this taper from the source allows for maximum connection between the sound by the band and the acoustics of the room, creating that inimitable feeling of “being there” when you listen to it. Add to that the historical significance of this tour for the band and you quickly come to realize this one is unparalleled.

If you’re a fan or just have a passing interest this one is most definitely worth checking out!

If I had to choose between the London – which is very much incomplete! – and the COMPLETE, note for note, Japan show, the latter would win out without question.