John Prine – Austin, TX (06/25/80)

John Prine
“Live at the Armadillo 1980”
Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX

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Lineage: SBD > ??? > WAV > “Dopler” Speed Correction > Track Splitting > FLAC Level 8


  1. Spanish Pipedream
  2. Iron Ore Betty
  3. Fish and Whistle
  4. Down by the Side of the Road
  5. Living in the Future
  6. One Red Rose
  7. Illegal Smile
  8. Sam Stone
  9. That’s the Way That the World Goes ‘Round
  10. There She Goes
  11. I Had a Dream
  12. No Name Girl
  13. Far From Me
  14. Storm Windows
  15. Chinatown
  16. Grandpa Was a Carpenter
  17. Intro to The Bottomless Lake
  18. The Bottomless Lake
  19. Paradise
  20. Automobile
  21. Ubangi Stomp
  22. Pretty Good
  23. Hello in There
  24. Please Don’t Bury Me
  25. Sleepy Eyed Boy
  26. Onomatopoeia
  27. Sweet Revenge
  28. Saigon
  29. Mexican Home

Total Duration: 117 minutes and 23 seconds


John Prine – guitar, vocals
Bob Hoban – piano, organ, fiddle, mandolin
Leo LeBlanc – dobro, pedal steel guitar
Johnny Burns – lead guitar
Tommy “Pickles” Piekarski – bass
Angelo Varias – drums


Coincidentally, lots of John Prine’s best sounding shows are from his “Chicago band” era in the late-70’s. To my ears, this is the best one among them – the stereo sound is so clear that you can hear Johnny Burns’ guitar on the left and Leo LeBlanc’s guitar on the right. Plus John Prine’s 1980 recordings are extremely rare, so this is a real gem to have. Johnny Burns, who led Prine’s band at the time, has been sharing a lot of John Prine memories on Facebook recently.

This concert promoted Prine’s “Storm Windows” album. It gave us the only known electric full-band recordings of “One Red Rose” and “Far From Me”, two songs that Prine almost always did solo acoustic. By the time this concert took place, Howard Levy has already left the band and was replaced by Bob Hoban and Leo LeBlanc.

Seahorse, from whom I got this show, said that this recording is believed to be uncirculated so far. The show sounds absolutely excellent, the only problem is that the tape runs at a slightly uneven speed, so the recording is sometimes a tad flat or sharp. I’ve done my best to correct the speed so the speed problem is now barely audible.

Do not sell this recording.
Enjoy and feel free to share it anywhere.
Support the artists by purchasing their official releases and going to their live shows.
If you’re tired of physical CDs, you can go to Prine’s Bandcamp website and purchase his albums in FLAC/ALAC/WAV lossless format:
John McCutcheon wrote a very touching tribute song to Prine, so good that it moved me to tears. You can hear it at

John Prine – Austin, TX (08/28/77)

John Prine
“Live from Austin City Limits 1977”
Austin City Limits, Austin, TX

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Lineage: SBD Audio > TV Broadcast > VHS Tape > ??? > WAV > Track Splitting > FLAC Level 8


  1. Spanish Pipedream
  2. Six O’Clock News
  3. Fish and Whistle
  4. Illegal Smile
  5. That’s the Way That the World Goes ‘Round
  6. Hello in There
  7. Intro to The Bottomless Lake
  8. The Bottomless Lake
  9. Intro to Bruised Orange
  10. Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow)
  11. Intro to Sabu Visits the Twin Cities Alone
  12. Sabu Visits the Twin Cities Alone
  13. Pretty Good
  14. Paradise
  15. There She Goes
  16. Saddle in the Rain

Total Duration: 56 minutes and 27 seconds


John Prine – guitar, vocals
Rachel Peer – bass, harmony vocals
Rick Chudacoff – bass
Jerry McEwen – guitar
Rick Shulman – guitar
George T. Clinton – keyboards
Peter Bunetta – drums


John Prine performed on the ACL show 8 times during his career, and this is his ACL debut. The show was broadcast in 1978, but was actually recorded on 28th August 1977 according to JPShrine.

This short set includes some of the earliest known performances of songs from “Bruised Orange” album, which was not released until a year later. It’s also the first known recording of Prine with bassist Rachel Peer, who would later become John’s wife during the 80’s and inspired the songwriter to write “All the Best” after their divorce. The band here is entirely different from the band on the album.

I have the video of the show somewhere too, but the video is a lossy-sourced mp4 file, so I decided to only share the audio of the show. I don’t think this copy of the show has ever been circulated before. There is some tape hiss throughout the show, but it’s nonetheless a good-sounding recording.

For setlists from this show and a bunch of other John Prine shows, please visit my John Prine setlist page at The setlists of all John Prine live recordings I know will all be posted there, along with a 90-second sample for each recording.

John Prine – New York, NY (09/11/72)

September 11, 1972
The Bitter End – New York, NY

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Audience Recording

01 Spanish Pipedream
02 The Torch Singer
03 Illegal Smile
04 Donald and Lydia
05 Sam Stone
06 Take the Star Out of the Window
07 Rocky Mountain Time
08 Pretty Good
09 Hello in There
10 Six O’Clock News
11 Everybody

John Prine – Two Radio Shows

John Prine
Two Radio Shows

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John Prine
January 16, 1987
Old Town School Benefit
Orchestra Hall
Chicago, IL USA


01 Intro
02 Torch Singer
03 Fish and Whistle
04 Donald & Lydia
05 The Bottomless Lake
06 Sam Stone
07 That’s The Way The World Goes Round
08 Souveniers
09 Hello in There

John Prine
Mixed Bag Radio Show
w/Phill Donnelly Accompanying —
Original broadcast date is not known, but it was in 1986


01 Blue Umbrella
02 Speed of the Sound of Lonlieness
03 Interview/Commercials
04 Interview/Bottomless Lake Story
05 Bottomless Lake
06 You Never Even Call Me by My Name
07 Paradise

John Prine – Bob Harris Country Show (08/23/18)

Thursday 23 August, 2018
BBC Radio 2 FM broadcast
Bob Harris Country show
John Prine is in session

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Bob Harris Intro 0:27
John Prine – Summers End (session) 3:14
Interview pt. 1 6:40
John Prine – Crazy Bone (session) 3:26
Interview pt. 2 5:02

This short session was recorded by me over a year and a half ago.
John bravely fought and conquered cancer twice, here he talks candidly to
legendary & influential BBC DJ & OGWT presenter, Bob Harris and performs two songs from his latest album ‘The Tree Of Forgiveness’

Lineage: Denon FM tuner > WAVLAB 6 > FLAC 8
Recorded: thebasement67

Earlier this year (2018) legendary singer/songwriter John Prine released his first album for 18 years. Tonight he plays songs from it and discusses his 50 year career with Bob.

Back in 1970, Prine was playing at the Chicago folk club The Fifth Peg when the young journalist Roger Ebert dropped in for a set. At the time, Prine was a 23-year-old mailman who had been singing his original songs every Thursday night for about two months. Ebert wrote a glowing review for the Chicago Sun- Times , essentially launching Prineís music career. Kris Kristofferson became one of his earliest advocates; their friendship has lasted decades and they have toured together extensively over the years. In turn, Prine has invited a new generation of songwriters, such as Jason Isbell and Margo Price, to open his concerts. His 2018 tour schedule includes select dates with Sturgill Simpson.

Prine still remembers the first three songs he performed on any stage: ìSam Stone,î ìHello in There,î and ìParadise.î With humility, he recalls, ìI sang those three songs and people just sat there and looked at me. I thought, ëWow, those are really bad.í They wouldnít even applaud.î

Of course, the opposite is true today. Those three songs are Prine signatures. His songs have been recorded by iconic singers like Johnny Cash (ìSam Stoneî), Bette Midler (ìHello in Thereî) and Bonnie Raitt (ìAngel from Montgomeryî).

John Prine – Norwegian Pearl (02/14/11)

John Prine
Stardust Theatre, Norwegian Pearl

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01 Spanish Pipedream
02 Crooked Piece Of Time
03 Aimless Love
04 Six O’clock News
05 Souvenirs
06 Grampa Was A Carpenter
07 Fish & Whistle
08 Inspite Of Ourselves +
09 Angel From Montgomery +
10 That’s the Way That the World Goes Round
11 Hello In There
12 Lake Marie

John Prine
David Jaques
Jason Wilber
Brandi Carlile +

cafs->ca9100->edirol R-09HR 24/96 -> Sound Forge 10-volume,tracks & fades, dither & resample to 16bit/44.1kHz-> TLH (flac)

John Prine – Newport, RI (07/31/10)

John Prine
Newport Folk Festival
Newport, RI, USA

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  1. Spanish Pipedream
  2. Picture Show
  3. Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore
  4. Six O’Clock News
  5. Souvenirs
  6. Fish And Whistle
  7. That’s The Way That The World Goes Round
  8. Bruised Orange (Chain Of Sorrow)
  9. Please Don’t Bury Me
  10. Angel From Montgomery
  11. Bear Creek Blues
  12. Lake Marie
  13. Filler
  14. All The Best
  15. Paradise

John Prine – Dallas, TX (02/26/10)

John Prine
Dallas, Texas
McFarlin Auditorium- SMU campus
February, 26 2010

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5′ in front of right stack mics elevated in hat
A “time was just a joke” production

disc I (54:21)

  1. Spanish Pipedream
  2. Picture Show
  3. Six O’Clock News
  4. Souvenirs
  5. Grandpa Was a Carpenter
  6. Storm Windows
  7. Fish and Whistle
  8. Glory of True Love
  9. All the Best
  10. Angel From Montgomery
  11. You Got Gold

disc II

  1. Donald and Lydia
  2. That’s the Way the World Goes Round
  3. Dear Abby
  4. Sam Stone
  5. Bear Creek Blues
  6. Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody
  7. Hello in There
  8. Lake Marie
  9. Paradise*

John Prine – vocals, guitar
Jason Wilber – guitars, mandolin, harmonica, vocals
Dave Jacques – bass

  • W/ Jim Lauderdale

John Prine – Fredericton, Canada (08/17/09)

John Prine – Tropics North
Monday, August 17, 2009
Fredericton, NB

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Filler – Thursday, August 20, 2009
Rebecca Cohn Auditorium
Halifax, NS

Taper: Walkin’ Dude
Location: Playhouse – floor center; Rebecca Cohn – balcony
Source: SP-CMC-8 > SP-SPSB-8 > Edirol R-09

  • Do not sell this live recording
  • Please, do not post remaster without taper’s consent

Disc 1
1 – Spanish Pipedream
2 – Picture Show
3 – Six O’Clock News
4 – Please Don’t Bury Me
5 – Souvenirs
6 – Far From Me
7 – Fish and Whistle
8 – All the Best
9 – Glory of True Love
10 – Crazy as a Loon
11 – Angel From Montgomery
12 – You Got Gold
13 – Dear Abby
14 – Let’s Talk Dirty In Hawaiian
15 – Sam Stone

Disc 2
1 – Saddle In the Rain
2 – Bear Creek Blues
3 – She Is My Everything
4 – Hello In There
5 – Lake Marie
6 – In Spite of Ourselves *
7 – Paradise *
8 – Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
9 – Blue Umbrella
10 – Far From Me
11 – Crooked Piece of Time
12 – Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody
13 – Unwed Fathers *

Disc 1 tracks and Disc 2 tracks 1-7 Playhouse.
Disc 2 tracks 8-13 Rebecca Cohn

  • tracks with Carrie Rodriguez

Band Members
John Prine – vocals, guitar
Dave Jacques – bass
Jason Wilber – electric guitar, harmonica, mandolin


Here’s John Prine at the Playhouse in Fredericton, NB last August with filler from Halifax, NS a few nights later. I included Far From Me from Halifax because John did it solo there, and because there was room to include it. The crowd noise between songs is always a problem in small venues, but I’ve put in some long hours on this one and I believe it’s a pretty good listen now.
Front and back artwork is included. Comments are welcome.

Walkin’ Dude

John Prine – San Francisco, CA (10/06/07)

John Prine
7th Annual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival
Star Stage
Lindley Meadow
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA
~1:30 PM, Saturday, October 6, 2007

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  • One Set [56:27] –
    track elapsed time title
  1. 00:00 01:13 [Announcements and Introduction]
  2. 01:13 03:49 Spanish Pipedream
  3. 05:02 03:38 Flag Decal
  4. 08:40 04:33 Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
  5. 13:13 03:51 Souvenirs
  6. 17:04 04:05 Grandpa was a Carpenter
  7. 21:09 03:51 Fish and Whistle
  8. 25:00 04:37 Glory of True Love
  9. 29:37 05:32 Angel From Montgomery
  10. 35:09 04:30 She Is My Everything
  11. 39:39 07:13 Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody
  12. 46:52 09:35 Lake Marie
    set ends 55:36… applause, thanks and announcements until fadeout

► the Performers ◄
Dave Jacques: bass;
John Prine: guitar, vox;
Jason Wilber: guitar, mandolin.

► Recording Notes ◄

  • Credits –
    Recorded and edited by Jean Lerond
    ARTSv1.0 tagging by Randy Vogel on 2009-10-12
  • URL –
    (no source listed as of 2009-10-12)
  • Source –
    DPA4023 cardioids @ ~90 degrees, 10 cm, ~50′ from stage, ~4 ft high, straight out from St. R PA ►
    Sound Devices 722 (portable stereo hard disc recorder) @ 24-bits, 96 kHz (record)
  • Transfer –
    Sound Devices 722 (firewire out) ►
    Sony Sound Forge 9.0c build 405 (
    edit: trim, add fade-ins/outs,
    limiting or graphic compression applied to reduce some audience noise;
    Original L Channel Levels: -12.7 dB Peak; -33.9 dB RMS;
    Original R Channel Levels: -11.6 dB Peak; -32.7 dB RMS;
    resample to 44.1 kHz at highest quality setting;
    reduce word length to 16-bits using triangular dither and high-pass noise-shaping;
    track & extract .wav files) ►
    Trader’s Little Helper (TLH) v2.4.1 (build 160) (
    verify sector boundaries,
    encode to FLAC level 8 via libFLAC v1.2.1 20070917,
    write FLAC fingerprint file,
    compute and write md5 checksums for the newly tagged files) ►
    foobar2000 v0.9.6.9 (write ARTSv1.0 file tags,
    rename files to RAFTS standard,
    calculate and store album-level replay gain tags) ►
    FLAC [223 MB]
  • SRC Notes –
    As this was recorded under free festival conditions, be prepared for the usual audience chit-chat and other similar distractions.