Muddy Waters – New York, NY (03/28/81)

Muddy Waters Blues Band (w/ James Cotton and Johnny Winter)
The Beacon Theater
New York, New York

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Project ID – LL191

Source: Soundboard
Lineage: Sbd > ?? > Low Gen(?) TDK SA90 IEC/Type II > DR-3 > Emu 1212M > 24/96 Wave > Wavelab 5 >
Plugins > 16/44.1 Wave > cd wave > flac lvl 8

disc 1

d1t01. Intro
d1t02. T.V. Mama
d1t03. Doorbell Blues/
d1t04. Intro > Down The Road I Go
d1t05. They Call me Muddy Waters
d1t06. Baby Please Don’t Go
d1t07. Reefer Blues
d1t08. Going Out Walkin
d1t09. Deep Down In Florida
d1t10. Hoochie Coochy Man/

disc 2

d2t01. Intro > Love her with a feeling
d2t02. Mannish Boy > outro
d2t03. Got My Mojo Working
D2t04. Instrumental Segway
D2t04. Sweet home Chicago
D2T06. Outro


  • d1t03: This track is cut rather abruptly. Music is lost
  • d1t10: This track fades out, music playing. Music lost.
  • d2t02: Starting at 5:24 there were some yells that were just off that charts, mixed with
    some digital anomalies. Both were attentuated as best as possible. Remants are still audible,
    but definetly better.
  • I’ve compared this to a previously circulating source and the quality on this is IMO an
    upgrade. The other source of this date has some issues with clarity, and distortion is
    common. These issues are not present here. There is a big speed difference between the two.
    I’ve had a few people put an ear to this one, a guitar was tuned up and it was decided that
    this source is extremely close to where it should be so the other source must run fast.
    The other source I found of this was trackeded differently. This is tracked exactly as it
    came off the tape. Other than a few abrupt cuts as noted above, the balance of the songs
    flow from one to another so I’m assuming that this is it should be. Some of the into’s and
    outro’s leave a little wondering to be done.
  • Big thanks to John “the wild man” Bleich for the excellent source tapes .
  • Transfer and Edit by Bgreen

Johnny Winter & Muddy Waters – Philadelphia, PA (03/06/77)

Johnny Winter
Live at the Tower Theater
Philadelphia, Pa.
March 6, 1977 – SB 6

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Disc 1:

  1. Hideway
  2. Cotton Gin
  3. Last Night
  4. See See Baby
  5. Rocket
  6. How Long
  7. Slow Blues
  8. Done Got Over it
  9. Crosscut Saw
  10. Talk to Your Daughter
  11. Band Intros

Disc 2:

  1. Muddy Intro
  2. Hoochie Coochie Man
  3. Blow Wind Blow
  4. Walkin’ Through the Park
  5. Deep Down in Florida
  6. Blues Had a Baby
  7. I Can’t Be Satisfied
  8. Trouble No More
  9. Howlin’ Wolf
  10. Mannish Boy
  11. Got My Mojo Workin’
  12. Oh Baby

Johnny Winter with Muddy Waters and his band

Artwork Included


Jimi Hendrix & Jim Morrison – New York, NY (03/07/68)

Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison
New York, NY
Bootleg –> EAC Secure Mode –> Flac

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Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Buddy Miles and other musicians all find themselves at New York
City’s Scene Club in 1968. What do you they do? They jam! Morrison is clearly wasted and sings some interesting
lyrics (“Morrison’s Lament”). This is the kind of bootleg they’ll never release. Its historical, funny, and cool to put
on at parties – no one else has heard it.

Here’s the setlist according to the artwork:

1. Red House
2. Wake Up This Morning And You Find Yourself Dead
3. Bleeding Heart
4. Morrison’s Lament
5. Tomorrow Never Knows
6. Uranus Rock
7. Outside Woman Blues
8. Sunshine of Your Love
These two sites have more info on it.

Johnny Winter – Washington, DC (09/27/84)

Johnny Winter
The Wax Museum
Washington DC 9-27-84

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Source: AT9400 Stereo Mic> Sony WA66 Cassette recorder with Maxell UDXLII FOB 12 rows stage right
Transfer: Nakamichi 700ZXE Cassette Deck> Apogee Mini Me @ 16/44> MTII> Wav
Assembly: AA3 for fades and edits, CDWav for tracks, TLH for flac7, foobar for flac tagging


Dont Take Advantage of Me
Mad Dog
I Smell Trouble
Johnny B Goode
Boot Hill
All Over Now
Bonus clip of opener Robert Cray Band (opener)


– Tape flip was xfaded at 44:43 during I Smell Trouble
– A few pauses were edited
– Thanks to Brian aka Veesch for helping me record this one
– No other EQ or NR used
– Taped, transfered, Assembled and Tagged by Popskull 11/10