Bootlegs of the Day: February 22, 2023

Now that I’ve gone through the dead Amazon Drive and downloaded all the shows that I didn’t have on any physical drive I’m actually going through those downloaded shows to verify that I really don’t have them on a physical drive. I initially did a pretty quick look to see if I had them, and was quick to download them if I didn’t see them. But now I can do a thorough search. There are some shows that were already in a drive and I get to delete the downloaded files and some that I still can’t find.

Those shows I’m logging and filing and sometimes uploading. The sometimes is because there are a lot of them and I don’t want to get overwhelmed. They will get uploaded at some point in the future, just not today.

Mixed in with all of those recent Amazon downloads are other shows that I’ve downloaded from other places over the last few months and didn’t get around to sorting. Those are also sometimes going into the upload today pile. I’ll probably post most of those over the weekends since they are mostly from artists I don’t collect, but I’ll sprinkle some in here and there. Today you get a Doors show.

And a new Bob Weir compilation. And an old Mydland studio album and some (mostly) previously posted Grateful Dead shows.


Bob Weir and Wolf Bros – Best of Kennedy Center – 2022-10-05-09

Brent Mydland – Unreleased Solo Album

The Doors – 1967.03.10 – San Francisco, CA

Grateful Dead – 1990.03.16 – Landover, MD

Grateful Dead – 1990.03.22 – Hamilton, Canada

Grateful Dead – 1990.03.29 – Uniondale, NY

Grateful Dead – 1990.05.05 – Carson, CA

Grateful Dead – 1990.06.23 – Eugene, OR

Grateful Dead – 1990.06.24 – Eugene, OR

Bootlegs of the Day: February 21, 2023

While I’m not yet ready to do individual posts for individual shows yet, I have been adding links to my Artist’s Pages. Mostly I’m taking the Google Drive links to the new shows I’m uploading and posting them in the Artist’s Pages. I figure that at least allows people to keep seeing what shows by the artists I have made available. Apparently, I have never posted a show from INXS which is surprising since I love that band. Since they didn’t have an Artist Page I decided to go ahead and make one and when I was making one I decided I’d go ahead and do a post for that one show. And now you’ve seen it.

INXS – 1985.11.15 – Los Angeles, CA

Jerry Garcia Band – 1977.07.03 – Palo Alto, CA

Jerry Garcia Band – 1977.07.08 – Hempstead, NY

Jerry Garcia Band – 1977.07.09 – Asbury Park, NJ

Jerry Garcia Band – 1977.07.23 – Berkeley, CA

Jerry Garcia Band – 1977.07.29 – San Francisco, CA