Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: The Beatles Complete Live Collection, Vol. 2 – Before America

The Beatles: Complete Live Collection - Before America

The Beatles
Complete Live Collection, Vol. 2 – Before America

Download: FLAC/MP3

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Pops and Lenny – 16 May, 1963
1: From Me To You (video)

The Mersey Sound- 27 August, 1963
2: Twist And Shout (Can You Hear Me)
3: I Saw Her Standing There (Can You Hear Me)
4: She Loves You (Can You Hear Me)

Sunday Night at the Palladium – 13 October, 1963
5: intro (Road Runner + Mythology)
6: From Me To You ((M + RR)2 + Mythology + Anthology 1)
7: I’ll Get You (Anthology 1 + Mythology)
8: She Loves You (Mythology)
9: Twist And Shout (Mythology + Road Runner)
10: outro

Pop ‘63 – 24 October, 1963
11: intro (Swedish Radio Show)
12: I Saw Her Standing There (Swedish Radio Show)
13: From Me To You (Swedish Radio Show)
14: Money (That’s What I Want) (Swedish Radio Show)
15: Roll Over Beethoven (Swedish Radio Show)
16: You Really Got A Hold On Me (Swedish Radio Show)
17: She Loves You (Swedish Radio Show)
18: Twist And Shout (Swedish Radio Show)

Drop In – 30 October, 1963
19: intro
20: She Loves You (In Case You Don’t Know)
21: Twist And Shout (ICYDK + Anthology DVD)
22: I Saw Her Standing There (Anthology DVD)
23: Long Tall Sally (Anthology DVD)
24: outro (Anthology DVD + video)

The Royal Variety Performance – 4 November, 1963
25: From Me To You (vid + Ant dvd + M + Ant 1)
26: She Loves You (Anthology 1)
27: Till There Was You (Anthology 1)
28: Twist And Shout (Anthology 1 + Mythology)
29: outro (Mythology)

The Early Beatles – 9 Nov, 1963
30: I Saw Her Standing There (We’d Like To Carry On)

The Jack Paar Program – 16 Nov, 1963
31: From Me To You (Live! Make As Much Noise As You Like)

The Beatles Come To Town – 20 November, 1963
32: She Loves You (November 1963)
33: Twist And Shout (Addendum 1)
34: From Me To You (reprise) (November 1963)

Morecambe and Wise – 2 Dec, 1963
35: intro (Mythology + Anthology 1)
36: This Boy (Anthology 1 + Mythology)
37: All My Loving (Mythology + Hollywood Bowl Complete + Mythology)
38: I Want To Hold Your Hand (Mythol + Ant 1)
39: not like it was in your day (Anthology 1)
40: Moonlight Bay (Anthology 1 + Mythology)
41: outro (Mythology)


It’s The Beatles! – 7 December, 1963
1: From Me To You (youtube)
2: I Saw Her Standing There (youtube)
3: All My Loving (youtube)
4: Roll Over Beethoven (youtube + Mythology + youtube)
5: Boys (youtube)
6: Till There Was You (youtube + Mythology + youtube)
7: She Loves You (youtube [with Mythology])
8: This Boy (youtube + Mythology + youtube)
9: I Want To Hold Your Hand (yt + ULM + yt)
10: Money (That’s What I Want)
(youtube + Ultimate Live Masters + youtube + Ultimate Live Masters)
11: Twist And Shout (Ultimate Live Masters + youtube + ULM + yt + ULM + yt)
12: From Me To You (reprise) (youtube + ULM)

Sunday Night at the Palladium – 12 January, 1964
13: intro (Mythology)
14: I Want To Hold Your Hand (Mythology)
15: This Boy (Mythology)
16: All My Loving (Mythology)
17: Money (That’s What I Want) (Mythology)
18: Twist And Shout (Mythology)
19: outro (Mythology)

Cinéma Cyrano, Versailles – 15 January, 1964
20: From Me To You (ina.fr)

L’Olympia Theatre, Paris – 16 January, 1964 (afternoon)
21: From Me To You (City Of Light)
22: I Saw Her Standing There (City Of Light)
23: this boy intro (City Of Light)
24: Twist And Shout (City Of Light)
25: From Me To You (reprise) (City Of Light)
26: Long Tall Sally (City Of Light)
27: From Me To You (reprise) (City Of Light)

L’Olympia Theatre, Paris – 16 January, 1964 (evening)
28: From Me To You (City Of Light)
29: She Loves You (City Of Light)
30: This Boy (City Of Light)
31: I Want To Hold Your Hand (City Of Light)
32: Twist And Shout (City Of Light)
33: From Me To You (reprise) (City Of Light)
34: Long Tall Sally (Johnson-Penniman-Blackwell) (tumult und die beatles)
35: From Me To You (reprise)(Lennon-McCartney) (tumult und die beatles)

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: The Beatles – The Complete Live Collection, Vol. 1 – Star Club


The Beatles
The Complete Live Collection, Vol. 1 – Star Club (FIXED)

Download: FLAC/MP3

Purple Chickin association with DarthDisc
Source: Various Sources > Purple Chick > FLAC > ?? > you

This includes the fixed files
(Disc One Track 19 (7.6 MB)
(Disc Two Tracks 15, 16 (7.9 MB) and 17)


25(?) December, 1962, Star Club, Hamburg, Germany

1: Be-Bop A-Lula vocal: Fred Fascher (Teichiku + unbooted)
2: I Saw Her Standing There (unbooted)
3: Hallelujah I Love Her So – vocal: Horst Fascher (Teichiku + unbooted)
4: Red Hot – incomplete (unbooted)
5: Sheila (unbooted)
6: Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey (unbooted)
7: Shimmy Like Kate (unbooted)
8: Reminiscing (unbooted)
9: Red Sails In The Sunset (unbooted)
10: Sweet Little Sixteen (unbooted)
11: Roll Over Beethoven (unbooted)
12: A Taste Of Honey – incomplete (unbooted)

13: Ask Me Why (Road Runner + Teichiku)
14: Long Tall Sally (Teichiku)
15: Besame Mucho (Teichiku)
16: Iím Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) – incomplete (Teichiku)
17: Twist And Shout – incomplete (Lingasong + Sony + Batz)
18: Mr. Moonlight (Teichiku + Lingasong)
19: Falling In Love Again (Lingasong + Teichiku + unbooted + Teichiku)
20: Iím Talking About You (Teichiku + Sony + Teichiku)
21: I Remember You (Teichiku + Batz)


28(?) December, 1962, Star Club, Hamburg, Germany

1: Nothiní Shakiní (But The Leaves On The Trees) – incomplete (Teichiku + unbooted)
2: I Saw Her Standing There (unbooted)
3: To Know Her Is To Love Her (unbooted)
4: Everybodyís Trying To Be My Baby (unbooted)
5: Till There Was You (Third Reich source tape)
6: Where Have You Been All My Life? (Third Reich + Teichiku + Third Reich + unbooted)
7: Lend Me Your Comb (unbooted)
8: Your Feetís Too Big (unbooted)
9: Iím Talking About You (unbooted)
10: A Taste Of Honey (unbooted)
11: Matchbox (unbooted + Third Reich source tape + Teichiku)
12: Little Queenie (Teichiku + Third Reich source tape)
13: Roll Over Beethoven (Third Reich source tape)

31(?) December, 1962, Star Club, Hamburg, Germany

14: Road Runner (Road Runner + Teichiku + Road Runner + unbooted)
15: Hippy Hippy Shake (Teichiku + Batz + fuegoentertainment.net)
16: A Taste Of Honey (fuegoentertainment.net + Road Runner)
17: Money – vocal: Bobby Thompson (poss.) (or Tony Sheridan?) (Road Runner)

Bonus tracks:
King Size Taylor and the Dominos and *Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers
31(?) December, 1962 Star Club, Hamburg, Germany

18: Sparkling Brown Eyes – vocal: Keith Hardie (Road Runner)
19: Lovesick Blues – vocal: John Frankland (Road Runner)
20: First Taste Of Love – vocal: Bobby Thompson (Road Runner)
21: Dizzy Miss Lizzy – vocal: Kingsize Taylor (Road Runner)
22: Hully Gully* – vocal: Cliff Bennett (Teichiku)

This release clears up a lot of speculation about the Beatlesí Star Club tapes, thanks to an unedited and unprocessed source tape (for which we cannot thank DarthDisc and the Darthelves enough). Although the recording dates are still guesses, we now know the correct order for about 2/3 of the songs. Even so, the second half of disc one is sequenced based more on smooth transitions than solid setlist information.

We tried to make sure every Star Club sound was accounted for, but not repeated: auditioning many Live At The Star Club CDs and LPS on a number of labels. Even so, we used Darthdiscís unprocessed tape wherever possible. As well as offering upgrades and previously unheard chat Red Hot, though still incomplete, is twice as long as before. ìRed SailsÖî now has an extra verse compared with the released version, while “I Saw Her Standing There” on disc two has an extra guitar solo. Conversely, we removed looped portions of “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down”, “Twist And Shout” and “I Remember You.”

It’s by no means perfect, but itís the best we have at the moment. And it’s the first time we’ve listened to the Star Club tapes in years. Hopefully you’ll gain a new appreciation for these historic recordings as well.

All tracks mono, at the correct speed, and eq’d for the most coherent listening experience. Enjoy!

Here’s why the original updates:

The full third version of “A Taste Of Honey” magically appeared, just after Star Club came out. It turns out that some dialogue that we placed on disc one belongs just before it. So we cut it out of disc one, put it at the end of “Hippy Hippy Shake” and did a minor tweak to “Money” just for the sake of continuity. A change of the info file and inside artwork to reflect this, and we’re all done.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: The Beatles – Unplugged

the beatles unplugged

The Beatles

Download: FLAC/MP3

Cry Baby Cry
Child Of Nature
The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
I’m So Tired
Yer Blues
Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey
What’s The New Mary Jane
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Sour Milk Sea
Not Guilty
Rocky Racoon
Back In The USSR
Honey Pie
Mother Nature’s Son
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Dear Prudence
Sexy Sadie
Helter Skelter
Spiritual Regeneration
Rishikesh No. 9

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Bootleg Bonanza: The Beatles – Acoustic Submarine

the Beatles - acoustic submarine

The Beatles
Various Sessions
Acoustic Submarine

Download MP3@224

Set I
01. Do You Want To Know A Secret
02. And I Love Her *** (deleted due to official release)
03. I’m A Loser
04. Help!
05. Yesterday
06. Yes It Is
07. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
08. I’m Looking Through You
09. We Can Work It Out
10. I’m Only Sleeping
11. Yellow Submarine
12. A Day In The Life “oh shit” version
13. The Fool On The Hill
14. Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
15. Happy Rishikesh Song
16. Junk
17. Child Of Nature (Lennon)
18. Goodbye
19. Everyone Had A Hard Year
20. What’s The New Mary Jane

Set II
01. Heather
02. Back In The U.S.S.R.
03. Dear Prudence
04. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
05. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
06. Blackbird
07. Rocky Raccoon
08. Julia
09. Mother Nature’s Son
10. Hey Jude
11. Because
12. I Lost My Little Girl
13. Teddy Boy
14. Mama You Been On My Mind (Dylan)
15. For You Blue
16. Two Of Us
17. Across The Universe
18. I Me Mine
19. Maggie Mae

A mixed set of unreleased outtakes from some of the Beatles biggest hits. Consider it a companion set to the officially released Anthologies. Pretty much all of it can be found in other compilations, but this set really ties some of the best material together.

“And I Love Her” has been removed as it can be found on a US released LP entitled “The Beatles Rarities.”